"Only-Somewhat-Creepy" Halloween Lineup 2011

So Monday is Halloween.

That probably means something different to me than to most people, as I've been doing Nanowrimo since 2002. Halloween to me means "my last day of sanity until December." To the world, however, Halloween speaks of sugar highs and spirits and stuff like that. People are allowed to step out of their everyday lives and for one day, pretend to be something they're not. Office workers become ninjas. Kids become superheroes. At least one person will become a bad pun, like the cereal killer.

(For the record, I usually pretend to be the "before" version of Mia Thermopolis as it means I don't have to dress up. You'd think, with my imagination, I go crazy over Halloween, but for one reason or other (read: I forget), I never dress up. This year, my friends want me to be a pirate with them. They may be in for a shock when I show up in a brown coat and suspenders.

However, imagination runs rampant throughout the Chuck fandom, which is fantastic. And this means that there are a whole slew of Chuck fanfics to read that celebrate All Hallows Eve. Some are serious, some are silly, and some aren't about Halloween so much as they are about...zombies and vampires! This list is by no means exhaustive, but it's full of delicious treats for you. Since Fringe won't be on tonight, you'll have plenty of time to sit back, grab some apple cider (alcohol optional), and enjoy some of the greatest Halloween offerings this fandom can provide.

Check out the list after the break!

Not Necessarily Halloween, But Supernatural Enough to Make Your Fangs Tingle

Sarah the Vampire Slayer by liam 2
Think being a deep cover operative and handler of the US government's most important intelligence asset is a heavy burden? Try being the Chosen One on top of it. Crossover with the Buffyverse. AU. — Frea's Note: This story was never copmleted, but don't let that stop you. Liam's Sarahs are always an interesting read.

Chuck Versus the Vampire by Lion of the Land
Hellsing faces a vampire like they've never seen before. It's so different, they need to call in a little help from the States...Team Bartowski. ONE SHOT Frea's Note: This is a Hellsing/Chuck crossover. Having never read Hellsing, I was still able to follow it, and I got some good belly laughs out of it.

Sarah's Vampire Diaries by Wepdiggy
Sarah Walker, vampire, has seen many things. These are just a few of her tales. Happy Hallowhedon! — Written for 2010 Hallowhedon challenge, not complete but still a danged good read.

Young Bartowski by Doc in Oz
AU parody of film with similar name. Chuck is descended from an infamous ancestor. Can he animate an inarticulate Casey? How did Casey get his name? What is the name of the agency Sarah works for? Mwah ahh ahh! — Not necessarily Halloween, but a great adaptation of a timelessly awesome film. And even though I'm biased because we named our car "Frau Blue-Car," this story is still freaking fantastic.

Chuck VS. the Full Moon by ThetaWolf
When he became the Intersect Chuck didn't think that his life could get any more complicated. He should have knocked on wood. After being bitten by a werewolf he now has to learn to control the beast within and to top it off IT really likes Casey. SLASH — This one is also rated M, just to warn everybody

Chuck vs. The Rough Night by East Coast Captain
Being expelled was one thing for Chuck but the night he drove to Burbank, things get hairy for the Nerd. Happy Halloween! — Remus Lupin isn't the only one with a furry little problem.

Chuck Versus The Dracula Homage by liam2
My contribution to the Chuck community in homage to my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween. In this retelling of the 1931 horror film classic, the characters of "Chuck" assume the iconic roles of "Dracula", with Sarah Walker as the titular Count. — Another incomplete but brilliant story by the master of the humorous horror, Liam!

Zoinks! by KuryakinGirl
A group of meddling kids from Stanford go on a ghost hunt. Only one of them is experienced... Pre-series for both shows — This is a Supernatural/Chuck crossover, and really works. It features Jill, but the author is extremely fair to her. Definitely a must-read even if you don't watch Supernatural (guilty as charged).

Ghosts, Spies, and Campfire Lies by CaffieneKitty
Abandoned campgrounds are never a good idea. - COMPLETE, GEN, Set in season 3, Crossover with the TV series 'Chuck' Season 1 — Haven't read this one, but it was recommended by CI's own Ayefah, so you know it's bound to be great

Chuck vs. Zombies by HighwayStar76
After the zombie apocalypse strikes the globe, Chuck fights for survival. Rated T mostly for zombie related atrocities. — Unfortunately, this one seems abandoned, but what's there is pretty good.

Chuck vs. Zombieland by BlackTideFan
Here is a full blown Chuck against Zombie's. I have Charah, Ellie/Casey, Morgan/unknown character coming up in future chapters. Follow their story trying to get to safety. Maybe Carina and Morgan? Hmmm we'll see. — Another abandoned story, but hey, zombies. And no grammar whatsoever.

Counting Bodies Like Sheep by ShinyJayne19
Rewrite of Team Bartowski vs the Dead: It's the zombie apocalypse and Chuck & Co. are caught in the middle of the devestation! What happens when Chuck and Sarah's world is torn apart by a freak accident? CHARAH, post-season 3 AU. — I'd really like to meet a sheep that can count. Not a bad read.

To Paradise by Moonlight by ShinyJayne19
Never in her entire life did Sarah Walker believe that her father's tall tales held any merit. Not until one odd night where a mission to apprehend the Intersect went horribly wrong. Crappy Summary! AU Chuck/Sarah. — If you like Twilight's rather absurd ways of falling in love, you'll like this one.

Chuck Versus the Cabin in the Woods by timewalker05
Chuck, Sarah and Casey have to hide out at an out of the way safe house - an old cabin in the woods. But they're not alone! — Digging in the vault for this one; a Wepdiggy rec and a great, great read!

Chuck vs. the Zombie Apocalypse by mxpw
Chuck, Morgan, Jeff, and Lester start debating what they would do when the zombies come. Casey overhears and, despite knowing better, gets drawn into the debate. Full of stupid humor, rampant nerdery, and Top Secret government plans. — Face it, we've all spent time thinking of what we would do in the zombie apcolaypse. So have the Nerd Herders! ....and Casey!

Chuck vs. Case Zulu by mxpw
My entry in the Castle Inanity Hallowhedon challenge. A sequel to my one-shot Chuck vs. the Zombie Apocalypse. The unthinkable has happened: the dead now walk the earth. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey lead the last ragtag group of humans as they try to survive. — Not complete, but still a wonderful read! Plus, you know any story about a ragtag group is destined to be great.

Radio by I Am Not Amused
Five years after the Intersect War, the Browncoat survivors in Team Bartowski are trapped on a planet filled with Reavers, separated from half of their crew. For Hallowhedon. STILL UNFINISHED. — This is Chris's entry into the 2010 Hallowhedon challenge and since it's got Whedon-Zombies (aka Reavers), it fits here. Warning, you may need to balance all of the darkness with, like, a puppy.

More Things in Heaven and Earth by Frea O'Scanlin
When a night of simple stargazing is rudely interrupted, Chuck and Sarah witness something even hardened government agents aren't supposed to see. Happy Hallowhedon! An AU take on my AU story, "What Fates Impose." — Uh, I got nothing. This author's weird.

Fun for Boys...and Ghouls?

The Hitchhiker by Mikki13
One stormy Halloween night, Chuck and Sarah pick up a mysterious stranger... — Great, spooky story in time for Halloween, written before Season Three. Will make you d'aww and will make you think.

A Haunting from Connecticut by atlee
Is the Intersect acting up again, or is Chuck really being visited from the beyond? A short pre-Halloween story. — atlee never fails to tell a great story, and this one is inspired. The title gets even better when you read it.

Agent Sarah Walker vs. the Ghost by Poa
Sarah experiences some paranormal disturbances while Chuck is in training. Just a little Charah one-shot for Halloween. — Going back to the early days of Chuck here. A Wepdiggy recommendation, and a short and sweet read.

Got Your Back by noctaval
Somehow Bryce always came back to haunt Chuck - but he hadn't really expected something this literal. — Can't really say much about this story, but it introduced the term "psycho swimsuit model assassins" into my vocabulary, so it can't be all bad.

The Happy Halloween Stories

Sarah vs. It's a Not So Wonderful Life by mpxw
What if Chuck never received the Intersect? What if it was someone else? This is sort of a Halloween inspired fic, and Sarah has a vision of how her life could have ended up without Chuck receiving the Intersect. Meant to help with all the angst lately. — This one STILL makes me cackle like nothing else.

Touched by Green Owl -
John and Ellie and Halloween, where nothing is ever quite as it seems...— Rated M

Halloween Hell by Jar3d
John takes his children trick-or-treating — This one is scary and not in the way the author intends. If you're into grammar, avoid an eyetwitch by avoiding this one.

Chuck Vs. the Jack-o-Lantern by mia2009
Charah Halloween Fluff — The summary sums it up. Cute story.

Chuck vs Playing Doctor on Halloween by P.J. Murphy
Chuck and Sarah go undercover at a Halloween party to retrieve plans for a new type of assault weapon. But their choice of costumes works a little too well for them. One-shot. ***M-RATED*** Sexual descriptions and content. Happy Halloween! — This one is M-Rated, but it's actually not all that explicit (in my opinion), and it's a fantastic little story. Definitely a recommend.

Worth Saving by Modern Physics
Just because she's invincible doesn't mean she won't need saving. oneshot; Halloween themed. — This fic made me realize how much I miss Sarah's hotel room. I loved that set. In other news, this is another great fic from the earliest days of Chuck fandom. I dare you not to smile at the ending.

Chuck versus the Witch by IndigoGold
There's something Sarah hasn't told Chuck - she's a witch. Fun, Charah story that is very AU! One shot - Happy Halloween! — Trick or treating on Halloween, one of the best things about the entire holiday. And the sugar high that follows it, of course.

That Which is Greater: Trick or Treat by Frea O'Scanlin
A lost bet means there's a theme for the Bartowski clan costumes this year, but is everybody happy about it? Six-year-old sugar highs and crazy costumes clash in this family snapshot of what Halloween might be like with Violet Bartowski. — Apologies to John Casey. Serious apologies to John Casey.

Shock and Awe by sunshineali
Col. John Casey has Halloween night off, and this time, he's ready for those little trick-or-treating twerps. He gets a surprise from one of his neighbors that he won't soon forget. — Another Jellie story for those so-inclined. ;)

Chuck vs. the Space Cannibals by Wepdiggy
Something is amiss at an NSA facility, and TeamB is sent to investigate. Who are these monsters that are killing people, and will anyone be able to come to their aid? Chuck/Firefly Xover. Post The Ring and Post BDM. My Halloween Fic. R&R. Thanks! — It's my experience that you simply cannot go wrong with a Wep contribution. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

Endless Dream by m4dh4tt3r
One shot story focusing mainly on Chuck. This is my first attempt at fanfic so please judge harshly! Any and all comments/reviews are welcome. Halloween themed with minor gore. — Speaking of cannibalism...?

The Buy More of the Bloodcurdling by atlee
A trio of the most frightening, spine tingling tales ever uploaded! And in no way reminiscent of an annual animated Halloween special involving treehouses and terror. — You heard me earlier when I said atlee never disappoints, right? I haven't caught up with this yet, but I've got the popcorn ready for this story.

So that's the list for 2011.  Did I forget some?  Sound off in the comments, and happy Halloween/reading!!!

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