Inane Chatter — Fringe — 4.03 - Alone in the World


What did everybody think of the third episode of Fringe? Sound off in the comments!

- Frea


  1. Olivia in glasses!


    Presumably, some other unimportant stuff happened in this episode.

    But who cares, because Olivia was in glasses.

    Also, the episode lost points for not having Fauxlivia and her sexy swagger. But I guess not every episode can be blessed with her presence. Better luck next week, Fringe.

  2. I really dug Olivia's braid. She was totally rockin' that hair-do. ANd that green? jacket, very nice.

    I felt the episode was Walter-centric. I felt really sad for him. He's very lonely, and he thinks he;s going insane. He even tries to lobotimze himslef so he won't be re-admitted to the ward. Poor, Walter.

    I thought Gus was cool. The fact that it had a mind of its own, that it had connected with the emotions of the child. The neuroscience-y and psychological aspect of it all was interesting for sure.

    The end was best, cause we find out that Olivia has been dreaming of Peter, and i think now we move forward into finding Peter. Excited to see where all that leads and to see mor einteraction between the two universes. Cant wait till next Friday. :)

  3. The effects they used when the first body exploded in the containment chamber was awesome. And the second explosion was even better! The sound it made made me laugh. I guess that's weird.

    I was enthralled by this episode, mostly because of John Noble's masterful performance. He drew me in. Man, that guy can act.

  4. Well done, yet again, Frea, you were absolutely on the money wrt the context of Walter's salvation from psychosis. He needed Olivia's help and support to recognise the reality of his circumstances.
    Found Linc a tad smug in this episode and his rescue from Gus was exactly the remedy required to reacquaint him with the dangers on this side of reality.
    Looking forward I wonder about the role of the "evil" doctor and how Peter's escape from the twilight zone is to be engineered. Moreover is this train of events being mirrored in the AU or is this strictly down to "our" Walter and Olivia?

  5. I'm with Quistie on the exploding fungi - it was a really cool effect. I felt for the kid considering his only "friend" was Gus, until Walter befriended him in a way.
    Also, kinda happy that Olivia has been "seeing" Peter as well. I'm really liking this season so far & wonder how Peter will fit into the group again when he returns.

  6. ladycat7138.10.11

    I just really wanted to hug both Walter and the little boy in this. How broken Walter seemed fit in perfectly with a man who lost his childd not once but twice.

  7. haven't watched it yet, still waiting for some more curtain call... ;p

  8. Hey fFrea
    Just found your podcast and LOVE it, especially hearing from another woman who loves Olivia--big crush,here, and isn't all crazy over Peter like some other female podcasters. I can relate--only Blueverse Olivia,though!


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