New Ebooks!

Hello, dear readers!

So I realize it’s been awhile since I released some ebooks, which is my fault. I’ve been making them, but I haven’t been going through the process of uploading them and making them available for public consumption (seriously, though, my Kindle is triiiicked out), and I thought I’d get on that. So I’ve got three new ebooks for you today, one in each of my fandoms. That’s right, you can get The Bank Job, The Woman in the Crosshairs, or The Abbey. Two have complicated scenes inside of banking buildings, the other one makes up for the lack with aliens, I think.

Also, if you subscribe to me on AO3 or fanfiction.net, you may have noticed that I have a new story out. The title is really strange, I know, because it comes from a Disney ride, and the concept is even stranger. The Avengers are pirates in the 18th century. But it’s not like they woke up one day thinking, hey, I want to be a pirate. They’ve all got backstories that explain how they got to where they are, and there’s a long and shared history between them. I don’t want to tell you the plot because that’ll give too much away, but let’s just say you’ll recognize quite a few elements.

Anyway, that’s up on fanfiction.net and AO3, and I’ll be posting a chapter a day. Yes, it’s already finished, so no need to worry about me abandoning this one mid-story.

Oh, speaking of my stories (and abandoning some), I’ve organized my list of stories, where to find them, where you can download the ebooks, by fandom and then by series (Greater and Fates are in order). You can check all of that out here. They’ve all got statuses now that tell you where I’m at with them (Comp.=complete, WIP=work in progress, Hiatus=will come back to it someday, Aban.=orphaned), too. I’ll add to the list as I write more.

Anyway, that’s the news. I’m off to go destroy mxpw so horribly, he begs for mercy in his sleep go do my usual things.



  1. Michael9.1.13

    Thank you Frea for the E-Books.

  2. Anonymous9.1.13

    Such a bittersweet post. I didn't know about One Piece at a Time or Winterbreak's existence so that was a fun 15 minutes-ish of warm fuzzy joyful sweetness. Thank you!

    And then the bitter "aban" next to my favorite fanfic, which was like watching a season of Idol Factors with Talent, Zimbabwe all over again. You know your favorite isn't going to make the cut for lack of popularity and affirming judges comments. But every week you don't hear them eliminated you allow yourself to pretend they'll hold out until the end. And then you do. (hear that is)

    And then sweet again! Because there is a new story to read, woot! But I did have a quick question. The Avengers. Is the fic based off a show, or the recent Whedon movie. Or just the Comic Series in general? (I'm pulling for movie because that will be a lot easier to find time to watch than another series.)

    Anyhow. Thanks again for all the time you've given us in writing, and formatting ebooks and cover art and all that jazz.

    -Mobi Cobbult

  3. It had to happen; I really shouldn't have started that fic, honestly, except that it was an interesting idea and nobody wanted it, so I kept going until I couldn't anymore. But we'll always have Bryce's dangling eyeball, I guess.

    Very welcome for the fics you just got to read, and to answer your question, The Avengers is 99% based off of the Whedon movie, Captain America, one of the Hulk films, and the two Iron Man movies. I write primarily Clint/Natasha in that fandom, though one of my favorite characters is Maria Hill. Oh, and that Thor film, I guess, though I don't like it as much. You should check 'em out. They're fun without being too serious.


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