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Lords, ladies, gentle folk, I am absolutely honored—nay, it is my pleasure, my DELIGHT, my absolute joy to bring you a small gift by way of JoelTotheD, whom you might know around the blog as Joel (it’s confusing, yes: he’s British, but I’ve not been able to detect an extra letter “u” in his name, and trust me, dearest readers, I have tried!). Joel is the writer of such fine work as Moving On and Kill Jill, but he’s quite possibly best known for writing the fic with the Most Amount of Awkward Hugging in the Chuck fandom (we did a sampling; malamoo came close, but a panel of impartial judges thought that the amount of detail given to the extremely awkward hug in chapter 13 meant a clear win for Joel), Chuck vs. the World. And today, we have a special treat: a delicious piece of chapter 18 of that very same story!

 ...okay, I’m done with the flowery language. Joel gave me a thing. I posted that thing under the Read More link. Enjoy. ;)

World 18

Casey was pinned down.

After the first shot had been fired, bullets had started hailing down on him from all directions, trapping him behind the generator, which was barely large enough to cover him and the surviving deputy. Casey couldn’t see the shooters, but he could hear at least three separate sources of gunfire, possibly four, coming from the treeline. The controlled bursts told him that these guys were professionals. They also had automatic weapons.

A spray of bullets slammed into the back of the generator caused him to jerk forward. Their current location, Casey thought as he fired a couple of blind shots into the trees, really wasn’t tenable cover.

He turned to the man next to him, who was clutching at his own weapon. It was trembling in his hand. The deputy barely looked old enough to drink.

“Kid, we gotta move!” Casey said, straining to make himself heard over the gunfire.

“W-what?” the deputy stammered. His eyes kept flickering over at his dead partner.

Casey fired another shot over the top of the generator. “We can’t stay here, Miller!” he said, glancing at the other man’s badge. “Either we get inside or we get dead!”

The use of his name seemed to wake Deputy Miller out of his stupor, for he sat up and tightened the grip on his gun. “Okay.”

It was fifteen feet to the entrance and cover of the Sheriff’s Station, plenty of space for both of them to be cut down. That said it was better than waiting here for the generator to explode and fry both their asses.

“On three, we run for it,” Casey said, loading a fresh clip into his Sig. “You cover right, I do left. Okay?”

“Okay,” Miller said again. He sounded slightly more confident.

“One. Two. Thr—”

Another officer suddenly appeared in the doorway, cutting him off. He was brandishing body armour and an automatic shotgun, and began firing indiscriminately into the trees.

“Move!” Casey yelled, dragging Miller up by the collar and firing as he ran towards the door. Casey thought he heard someone scream out from the trees but he couldn’t be sure.

The deputy at the door was suddenly blasted back, clutching in vain at his neck.

Casey cursed and fired several more covering shots into the trees, all but throwing Miller towards the door, who had starting sagging against him.

The sound of a helicopter getting closer filled his ears as he dived through the door into the Sheriff’s Station. The wooden floor slammed into his side, hard. Still on lying down, he kicked the door closed and rammed a fresh clip into Sig. The door wasn’t re-enforced – it was hardly going to hold up if these guys wanted to get in. Besides, what they’d come for was waiting in the cells

“C’mon, Miller,” Casey said pushing himself up off the ground. “We gotta go see the prisoners.”

When there was no response, he turned to where the man was lying…in a pool of blood.

“Dammit,” he muttered, when he found no pulse.

The sound of shots hitting the door sent him back into a crouch. Stuffing his Sig into his pants, he pulled the shotgun off the other dead officer who was lying a few away and reloaded it.

It was time for a jailbreak.

Frea’s Note: DUN DUN DUNNNNNN…are you excited about what’s coming for the fantastic Chuck vs. the World? Sound off and give Muffin Joel crap in the comments encouragement so that he’ll update faster or something.


  1. Anonymous7.1.13

    I haven't been able to check your blog for a while as a lot of other things have been happening in my life. I finally got to do that today and what a fantastic surprise to discover some new material for "Chuck versus the World." I had been so hoping that this story was still alive and updates would be coming! I love this story and so want more to read! Thank you so much!

  2. No problem, Anonymous! Sorry we're kind of dead around here lately. :) But yeah, Joel is hard at work at the story, though it might be awhile before we see more. Hopefully we'll have some other previews this week!

  3. garnetflint12.4.13

    Great to hear that this soty in still in production. I have greatly enjoyed Joel's stories. I hope the wait is not too long


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