mgs coverOkay, after leaving you guys on a cliff for a couple of weeks, I can finally announce the thing I’ve been so excited about sharing for nearly a month now. Ready? Really, ready?


It’s called My Girl Sarah, it takes place in 1949, it’s very, very AU, and best part: it’s complete. It’s a Chuck/Sarah story, though I warn you, we’re not going to throw them right together or anything. So if you’re looking for already!married Chuck and Sarah, you should probably go elsewhere. But if you’re looking for any of the following:
  • Sassy Carina
  • Even sassier Sarah
  • Casey the 1940s hardened police detective
  • Chuck who fought in WWII and has conviction
  • Ellie destroying the glass ceiling
  • Gangsters (though I don’t think we ever use the word in the story), mobsters, and pretty much every Chuck villain under the sun sporting fedoras and machine guns
  • Bad puns, worse comebacks, and a masked vigilante…

Now, I know you have some questions, and I’ve anticipated a few of them, so I’m going to answer them here.
Why 1949? Why even write a noir?
Amusingly, we started writing this in 2011 and wrote about four completed chapters, but other things had to take precedent, so it sat and gathered dust in Google Docs for a couple of years ago. And I have a list of stories I am working to complete to get out of various fandoms, so I brought up the idea of writing something without pressure—something people didn’t know about—to get Max back in the game with me. This has always been a story that’s very close to our hearts. We’ve joked about it on and off and we both adore it. Plus, working together is one of our favorite things to do. We challenge each other, and I personally think we bring out the best in each other, writing-wise.

As for why a noir specifically, noir is great. Noir is somewhere I think Chuck has a chance to flourish. Where there’s not a character that’s entirely good or a character that’s entirely evil. And it’s fun to write. It’s probably not historically accurate at all, but we were focused on telling a good story rather than a factual one.

So it’s…really finished? You’re not stringing us along?
Yes, it’s really finished. There are (mumble, mumble) number of chapters, and we’ve got a post schedule and everything.

Wait a second. Frea, you’re about to leave the country for two weeks! Are you going to post while you’re on your trip?
I am not. Instead, I’ve given Max access to my ff-net account and he’ll be posting while I’m away.

So does this mean you guys are going to work on Curtain Call again?
*Smacks you with a rolled up newspaper on the nose* Can you please give us a few minutes to enjoy our success before you bring the pressure back? And I’m not just talking about Curtain Call here, either. I’m also talking about Double Agent and other stories like that. I realize that you’re anxious to see how those go and it’s flattering that you want more so badly, but it’s also rude to rain on somebody’s parade. We’re focusing on posting MGS now, please keep it confined to MGS-related things if you feel kindly enough to leave us a review.

What’s your favorite thing about this new story?
Mine, personally, is refitting our characters into 1949. They’ve all got different pasts, so maybe in this universe a character bobbed when otherwise they would have weaved, but they’re all kind of in the same place, emotionally, as they might be at points in canon, and that was a lot of fun. I can’t answer for mxpw, though, so…

Oh wait, I can. “Sarah. Definitely Sarah.”

Anyway, that's the story, hope you enjoy!
Stay sexy!


  1. mxpw2.9.13

    "Sarah. Definitely Sarah." Is my answer for like every situation. :)

    1. You make it difficult to imitate you, dude.

  2. You'll are awesome :)

    1. Thank you. :) We try.

  3. Anonymous3.9.13

    Yes, every time you post a new story or new chapter, it does indeed make me think and hope that "Curtain Call" will get finished. I'm sorry! But I love that story and so want to see an ending. But seriously...ANY Frea fan fiction makes my day! Thank you!


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