I'm Baaaaaack!

I’ve somehow managed to return from my trip with a head cold and jetlag, but I’m happy to be back, and I’m thrilled to report that although there were some setbacks on the trip, we all had a lovely time traveling together. Specifically, Lucky and I did not at any point want to kill each other (if Lucky is telling the truth, that is; she could be lying), which was a good thing because we were pretty much living in each other’s pockets for two weeks, having only officially met at the airport. Boy, was that a fun story to relate to the many Canadians, Americans, and South Africans we ventured across on this jaunt of ours.

There’s loads to tell, but if I start from the beginning, we’ll be here for ages, so here are some highlights:

  • Prague – gorgeous
  • Vienna – gorgeous
  • Zagreb – Really fun!
  • Dubrovnik – Second most gorgeous place I have ever been.
  • Split – covered in graffiti but surprisingly fun.
  • I am not in a Hungarian prison, though we came closer to that possibility than I would have liked. We were taking a train from Vienna to Zagreb, with a three-hour stop in Budapest to explore, and apparently if you buy your tickets online, you need to get them stamped at the station. And given that we used roughly four different types of currency on this trip, we liked to not travel with too much of it. Luckily, there was an angel named Gabriela in our train compartment, who lent us money to buy tickets on the train, but to that conductor who probably took advantage of the fact that we didn’t know the language: there’s a strong possibility you are a dick, sir.
  • Yes, if you saw the pictures of Lucky’s leg, we were not exaggerating: she hurt her knee and her ankle (same leg) and we got really good at navigating pharmacies in other languages.
  • Crumby is delightful and stylish and insanely fun to be around. Best part, I don’t think we came across as too weird, though she might disagree. She brought us delicious French candy and I definitely failed on my side of the bargain by giving her Red Vines in return, which all French people agree is a “weird candy.” She was also there on the day that we did the most walking on the trip, I think.
  • I may be in love with opera now, though I really, really need to go look up the plot to Carmen, guys. They had little translation boxes, but seeing as they were giving us two lines for twenty minutes of song, I think we missed….80% of the play. Which is in French. And is about Spain. I…don’t even know. But doing the standing room only tickets was an amazing experience that I would repeat in a heartbeat…perhaps not on the same day that I walked all over the Hofburg palace, though.
  • The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb is even more delightful than promised, and I am so glad I worked that into a fanfic. Also, we were trying to navigate to it and a random woman on the street named Snow White (Snjeguljica in Croatian) walked with us until we found the museum. She was pretty awesome. I’m sad I never got a picture of her hat, which was amazing.
  • Our view off of the terrace in Dubrovnik was of the Adriatic and some sailboats. You really couldn’t beat that with a stick.
  • For some reason, I got upgraded to business class for our trip back. That was nice. Lucky, however, was stuck back in Coach, so you should all send her candy or something.

Anyway, there’s dozens more stories to tell, and I will no doubt tell some of them over time. I hope everybody enjoyed their postcards and I’m sorry if I missed anything amazing. Have I missed anything amazing? Let me know in the comments!

Stay sexy!


  1. Anonymous18.9.13

    I really think, that if anyone were to want to kill anyone on that trip, it would be you to me. The list of reasons is, to put it lightly, endless. And if anyone had any reason to lie about like the other, it's you, Ms. O'Scanlin.

    But I had tons of fun!


  2. I'm eating Red Vines right now and I don't think you've failed on your side of the bargain. ;-)

    Also, it was great meeting you guys. I did not think you came across as weird at all, which might say more about what we knew of each other prior to that trip than about our actual respective weirdness. If anything, Agnes is the one who seemed to think we were weird the most times (while I was there). "So you wanna go to that monastery because of a fic, which used it because of an actress's name?" "...yes? Duh."

    Anyway, you three were as awesome and cool as I knew you'd be and more, and we shall meet again someday.

    Can't wait to hear all the embarrassing stories you've collected about Lucky, too. ;-)

    1. Well, let's see, there's the time she tried to kill our waitress in Split. There's the cobblestone incident beside the cannon in Dubrovnik. In Vienna, she sprained her ankle (thankfully right before we were due to sit for a couple of hours). I have now visited pharmacies in multiple countries, all thanks to her. ;)

      Poor Agnes. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. Of course we're going to want to see the Strahovsky monastery. Duh.

  3. Anonymous18.9.13

    Awww! Why do you assume that all the embarrassing stories have to be about m- oh, yeah. I can see how you'd get that impression, hahaha! You've met me. There is no hiding from it. And it's definitely true :)


  4. Anonymous20.9.13

    Welcome back! It sounds like it was a great trip, except, perhaps, for the number of pharmacy visits. I guess you can chalk that up to seeing the local culture. I spent a little more time at the doctor and the pharmacy than I would have wanted in Italy last year.

    I had always heard that Split was rough and gritty, and I was surprised at how much fun it was. Same with Zagreb. Great, now I want to go back almost immediately.

    Looking forward to whatever pictures you want to post. I love to travel vicariously.


    1. Thanks! It was definitely a wonderful trip, even with all of the personal and property injury that happened (thankfully, Lucky attacked my phone with a chair leg right before the new iPhones came out, sparing me from weeks of deliberation about whether or not I wanted to get one). Oh man, I hope things went okay in Italy and that you're feeling better now, though.

      Yeah, when we pulled into Split, we were like, "uhhhh." It was actually a bit of a culture shock after the way things in the part of Dubrovnik that we were staying in looked. But Split ended up being really, really fun (if a bit smelly), so I'm glad we got over our first impressions.

      Will remember to post some pictures when I get back to my own computer. I've got some up on my Google Plus page, but not very many.



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