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As of this time (yes, it's 4:30 in the morning at my time, yes, I've been up for four hours, and yes, this sleeping schedule makes absolutely no sense and yet seems to fit me perfectly since I just got a job working overnights while I'm in school), I have yet to see Chuck vs. the Evil League Bank of Evil or whatever the episode's called.  The room with the DVR is currently occupied by a sleeping individual.  She may be a Chuck fan, but I highly doubt her devotion goes as far as letting her favorite sister watch at 2 in the morning.

Pity, that.

But yeah, I just wanted to let everybody know a few things.  I took a bit of a hiatus to work on real life stuff, but I'm back and I'm going to try and do a chapter a week until Fates is finished.  No idea how well that will work but we can hope.  You can send all bribes donations to the cause to pepper4frea@yahoo.com, set up by the awesome BDaddyDL.  Can't actually say whether I'll check the actual email or not, as I'm notoriously scatter-brained, but you know how I am about my Dr. Pepper.

Also, I've had a lot of fun playing around with eBook formats.  I read on my Kindle a lot, and I like my Kindle books to actually look like books, so I made the ePub and Kindle versions look like an actual novels in my updated version of Walker's Eleven, which finished a couple of hours ago, according to the author.  You can download that here and you can also download Wepdiggy's fantastic Sarah vs. the Alternate Universe, which is formatted in the old style (no indents, spacing between the paragraphs).

For the record, the Walker's Eleven PDF is indented and has the spacing between the paragraphs, but the ePub doesn't have the paragraph spacing.  In addition, if you have "justified" turned on, the indents will be a little ragged in appearance.

If people really hate the new Kindle/ePub format, I can go back to the original without any problems. Just let me know.

Anyway, my apologies for being so out of it lately.  Big things happening in my life had to take priority, but I said I'm going to finish What Fates Impose, and I mean it.


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  1. I love that you've put the e-reader versions together. I'm still catching up on the mass of fic available, and it's great to be able to have a fast and quick way to get them on my kindle, since I'm usually stuck w/o internet access most of the day.

    I'm very much excited for new stuff! :D

    And just curious...what exactly is meant by bribes, erm, I mean, donations? :P


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