Instant Reaction: Chuck vs. the Muuurder

Tweet: The return of the Greatest Chuck Live-Tweeter of all time. T-minus five minutes. #Chuck419

Addendum: I felt like it was necessary to announce my return. It felt a bit like the moment when Jordan announced he was coming back to basketball, wearing the four-five. Or, if you don't like me, when Tiki Barber recently made a passing comment that he'd like to return to football.

As a a side note: I have eliminated a lot of my reply tweets because I felt like they didn't add anything to the discussion. That being said...

Reply Tweet, from mxpw99: I don't remember going anywhere...

Addendum: AH HAH. AH HAH HAH HAH. Very funnie, Maximus. This guy, I tell yah.

Tweet: Ellie is turning into her father. Holy crap. #Chuck419

Addendum: She's going to build a room dedicated simply to that computer, and there are going to be a bunch of backup serves and GODDAMNIT CLARA CLOSE THE DOOR and then Clara is going to go in anyway and get zapped with by a computer program that OH MY GOD IT PUTS INFORMATION IN YOUR HEAD and... wait I've heard this story before.

More after the jump, folks.

Tweet: Also: Thank God this episode didn't start in a random European location. I was kind of tired of that.

Addendum: It was like a motif this season? A motif that turned formulaic that turned OH GOD JUST BECOME THE COMEDY SPY VERSION OF HOUSE AND GET IT OVER WITH. I was glad they had people we actually cared about on screen to begin the episode.

Tweet: That scene just proves that iPads are evil. #Chuck419

Addendum: The iPad 2 is TWICE as evil as the iPad one. Ten to one odds Vivian Volkoff uses an iPad 2. #LittleKnownFacts

Tweet: Oh God really D&D references? That's awesome. #Chuck419

Addendum: I never played D&D, but I did play World of Darkness. And no, I wasn't a pimply-faced teenager at the time, I was actually a pimply-faced twenty something. Hm. That should probably have gone as part of the #ThingsIWouldntAdmitToIfIWasSingle hashtag I was rocking last night.

Tweet: Oh man WoW references, too?! #NerdingOut #Chuck419

Addendum: I used to play WoW a lot. I had a Tauren druid tank. AND HE WAS AWESOME OKAY. Seriously I could tank the hell out of some raids. What kind of character do you think Chuck would play in WoW? I say ranged DPS, but you could convince me otherwise.

Reply Tweet, from wkatzen: last ep Chuck used a Diamond Rings song. It kinda ruled.

Addendum: Diamond Rings are a badass synthy, rock-y, glam-y thing that you should all definitely check out. Freelz.

Tweet: That guy truly is freakishly Zac Levi-esque. #Chuck419

Addendum: Did I detect a smidgen of Sarah going "Oh damn!" in that sequence or was that just me?

Tweet: I agree. She just doesn't get it, maaaan. #Chuck419

Addendum: HOW CAN YOU NOT CARE ABOUT WHICH COMIC BOOK WRITER IS MORE INFLUENTIAL? Hey. Wait. I don't even read graphic novels. But wait again. I'm trying to write one. But hey I'm not even remotely aware of the history of that art form but GOD I LOVE NERDY THINGS.

Tweet: That was very helpful, Evil Robert Givens. #Chuck419

Addendum: "Hey what do you think, Evil Robert Givens?" "I THINK SHUT UP."

Tweet: Actually that was a pretty spot on homage to cheesy murder mysterys. That's a damn solid opening, guys. #Chuck419

Addendum: I didn't hate anyone or anything from the first scene to the opening credits. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT HAS HAPPENED IN A WHILE>

Tweet: Best costume ever. #Chuck419

Addendum: The only thing that would have been better is if Lester had showed up in a costume that was in all ways identical except at the bottom it turned out it was a dreidel.

Tweet: LargeMart kidnappers?! #THEPLOTTHICKENS> #OkayNotReally #Chuck419


Tweet: Would... would Devon know how to replace a hard drive? #Chuck419

Addendum: Because seriously I work at the Geek Squad and most people do not know how to remove the hard drive from a laptop. They are all like "...hard drive?" and then I facepalm. Then again, Awesome is a doctor.

Tweet: Am I... am I actually interested in what's happening in this episode? #Yes #YesIAm #Chuck419

Addendum: Don't judge me!

Reply Tweet, from katsumaro: I am shocked. SHOCKED I say. ALso.. I want some bacon. :( #Chuck419

Addendum: Bacon is always something I want. I want it on hamburgers and wrapped around cream-cheese-stuffed jalapenos and next to pancakes and laid across my donuts. I will be fat very soon.

Tweet: I feel like naming a pig Kevin Bacon is both insulting and morbid. That pig deserves better.


Reply Tweet, from katsumaro: This is true. I feel for the pig. Maybe that's why he bailed.

Addendum: He was all like "You assholes are comparing me to Kevin Bacon and my GOD have you SEEN Wild Things? I'm out."

Reply Tweet, from wkatzen: so wait... why do you live blog Chuck?

Addendum: Well because I... Well, you see, the thing is... I mean don't get me wrong I just... oh no.

Tweet: @wkatzen It's a mystery isn't it.

Addendum: I'm having an existential crisis over here, people. I need undue amounts of gratuitous praise to help me out of this funk. *throws voice* "You're awesome, Chris!" THANKS EVERYONE IM BACK NOW>

Tweet: English accents on American people? What a pretentious douche. #Chuck419

Addendum: Seriously I'm not even sad that he's dead.

Tweet: Best possible twist of this episode? IT WAS THE PIG THE WHOLE TIME> #Chuck419

Addendum: I'm still rooting for this to be a big reveal at the end of the season. Volkoff may have sent that one dude, and he may have been the one to actually blow stuff up, but the pig was the mastermind of the entire operation! DUN DUN DUN>

Tweet: You'd think he'd clean that out, though. #Chuck419

Addendum: I mean, really. Get some compressed air or something, soldier.

Tweet: Man they are just f'ing up Castle. Where are they going to make terrible plans now? #Chuck419

Addendum: Can it be in Chuck and Sarah's bedroom? I only ask because then we get more gratuitous lingerie shots and, let's be honest, you can't get enough of those. Frea, give me some gratuitous lingerie shots during the mxpw vs. Frea to prove my point. YOULL THANK ME LATER.

Reply Tweet, from stephiedichiara: in "new" castle? It is way fancier.

Reply Tweet, from azdisciplenc: They could always just go back to the Wienerlicious...

Addendum: Dude @azdisciplenc's suggestion is SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously let's get that ridiculous outfit back please.

Tweet: Well played, Jeff. WELL PLAYED> #Chuck419

Addendum: I am officially just going to follow up even the most obvious of conclusions with "Or is it?" just to be a jerk to everyone forever.

Tweet: Casey's begrudging respect. #TheGreatestResource #Chuck419

Addendum: Remember, this is the guy who encouraged Chuck to pull out his own tooth to sell their respective covers back in season thre... Oh God. I committed one of the seven deadly CI sins: MENTIONING VS THE TOOTH OH GOD FREA AND MAXIMUS DONT KILL ME>

Tweet: I actually can't really be that snarky about this episode. This is legitimately disappointing. #Chuck419

Addendum: *cowering in fear*

Tweet: Okay I lied, I can be snarky about flying exploding Kevin Bacon. #Chuck419

Addendum: ...Is... is it okay to come out? There's nothing that's going to happen to OH GOD A POORLY COMPUTER ANIMATED CGI PIG IS FLYING AT MY FACE AHHHHHH>

Tweet: Truth: The less I tweet, the better an episode is. An episode of Chuck that I only tweet like four or five times? #GOAT #Chuck419

Addendum: This is a true thing. Because I'm watching the episode and I'm all like "oh hey I want to watch this I don't have time to tweet." So if you want a Chuck episode to be good you're also rooting for me not to be that funny. I mean, if that's a risk you're willing to take that's up to you but I don't know if I'm all for it.

Tweet: Hey I actually don't know this song? And it's good! Someone hit me up with the info on this. #Chuck419

Addendum: Seriously does anyone know what that song at the end was? The one where Big Mike returns?

Tweet: OH GOD SKIP JOHNSON BEARD> #Terrifying #Chuck419


Tweet: Poop jokes for the win. #Chuck419

Addendum: What an appropriate, appropriate final tweet for this episode full of giant BMs.

Final Thoughts: I really quite enjoyed this episode. It actually felt like, for the first time in season four, there was forward momentum. Things were happening, and the consequences for those actions didn't seem as though they were limited merely to the things happening in that episode. There were stakes, I was worried about the characters, and as much as I learned this episode there was the promise of more to learn next episode. All in all it was a very, very solid episode of Chuck and if mxpw and Frea bad mouth it I'm going to cry forever.


  1. Let's make sure mxpw and Frea don't lowball the rating for it!

    Fun review here, yo. I always love your twitter reations and replying to them is fun.


  2. It's good to have you back live-tweeting. Whenever I don't get to watch Chuck live I always check the CI blog or your tweets just so I know what to expect.

  3. Ayefah22.3.11

    Oh God. I committed one of the seven deadly CI sins: MENTIONING VS THE TOOTH OH GOD FREA AND MAXIMUS DONT KILL ME>

    Not to worry! The episode where Chuck pulled out Casey's tooth was "Fake Name", not "Tooth". Not that "Fake Name" was a very good episode. Maybe Chuck just needs to stay away from dental storylines...

  4. Well, either is murder-worthy. I'm still scared.

  5. wicked.insanity22.3.11

    Not sure if this is the one you were talking about...but the song that's playing at the end, starting when Big Mike returns to the Buy More was Move To The Mountains by Clock Opera. Atleast according to tunefind.com :)

  6. Ayefah22.3.11

    Ooh, that site has the music from Life! (The drama, not the nature documentary series.) I hope those listings are from the aired episodes and not the DVDs. Either way, thank you for the pointer, wicked.insanity.

  7. So I just rewatched the episode, did anybody else notice how the weapons used in the combat testing was the weapons loadout for the Ninja Turtles?

  8. Ayefah23.3.11

    Was it really? I remember the nunchucks and sai...


    Nope, they were missing the bo staff. The guy who looked like the unholy clone child of Chuck and Bryce did his combat test barehanded. Though maybe the Ninja Turtles these days have a barehanded member. I just remember that Donatello had a bo when I was a kid. (Important knowledge is important!)


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