Going on a trip

So I'm taking a trip this week, which means something like 20+ hours in a car (which I never mind; I love driving) and I'm a voracious reader while on road trips/really poor from this trip, so I've been chewing through ebooks lately to get my Kindle fully loaded.  I've uploaded the majority of the ebooks I've created to the Downloads page.  Among them, you can find:
Anyway, there will probably be more pouring in as the week draws nearer to Wednesday. I’ve had a request for some Golden Girl. Any others?




  1. Anonymous12.2.12

    Thank you for these new downloads! These are great! Any chance of getting an updated version of Nervert's Revenge of the Bartowski? Thank you again!

  2. It's coming anonymous, I promise. Frea was awesome enough to show me how to make ebooks so after I finish with chapter 20 I'll make an updated version.

  3. Thank So much for these ebooks I love being able to read Awesome Chuck FF on my Sony reader. U made my week.

  4. Atlee24.2.12


    I'm a bit late on posting, I know, but I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to put "Wedding" and "Unscripted" up here as ebooks. I'm honored to be included with yourself and such other great authors.

    1. It was my pleasure. I got to read Unscripted the other day on my Kindle and you really, really write the longing very well. By the end, I was shouting, 'Get together! Geeeeeeeez!' Even better, it was in public. It'll be awhile before I go back to that coffee house. :)


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