Two Years!

Maximus here. Frea is still on her trip right now and doesn't know I'm doing this. What is this, you may ask? Well, this is the second year anniversary of Frea's neverending story: What Fates Impose. Can you believe it's really been two years since she started writing her wonderful story? I can hardly believe it myself, mainly because that means I've known Frea for almost two years and it just doesn't seem like that.

I'm just going to take a minute and say some quick thoughts about what this story has meant to me. I'm very grateful to have met Frea and Fates was what made that possible. As much as I enjoy the story and have a deep admiration for her talent, getting to know her personally is what I enjoy most about the whole Fates experience. I've learned a lot about being an editor since I started editing for her, as well as learned a lot about writing. She's a pretty good teacher, even if she might not realize it. Most importantly, I'm just glad to be able to call her friend. That's what I value most from the whole experience. And like I said, Fates made befriending Frea possible.

I don't regret it, even if she does let her status as the most(ly) benevolent overlord go to her head sometimes. :P

The show may be over (and I'm still going through Sarah Walker withdraw), but Fates lives on! And on. And on. Sorry, couldn't resist. I know that I'm grateful for the show for giving us so much, and I think Frea is too. Chuck made this story possible, made getting to know Frea possible (as much as this story did), and that's worthy of notice as well.

I think I'd be remiss in also not mentioning some of people who have either contributed in some way to Fates or helped to make reading the story and getting to know the fans of the story as such a great experience (Frea can correct me if I'm wrong, and I hope she doesn't think I'm being presumptuous): Aardie, Ayefah, Shoe, BDaddyDL, Crumbles, Neil, quistie, Peter, Katsumaro, Joel, Catrogue, and the list goes on. If I didn't mention your name, that's no slight, I probably just didn't remember. Ask Frea, my memory sucks. I had to think for five minutes just to come up with more people than Ayefah and Crumbles.

Now, I don't have any fancy statistics for you like Frea posted for the one year anniversary. I thought about asking Crumbles (aka Fates #1 fangirl) to put some things together, as she is obsessed with stats, the big French nerd, but I decided to just wing this little tribute post (if you can't tell). I do have some stuff for you, however:

Fates now contains 56 chapters and here is the latest: Chapter 56: You Only Leave Twice

Frea has posted two new additional side stories to the Fatesverse and here you go: Not in the Stars and Training, Lies, and the CIA

And here is a very handy link to Frea's AO3 page where you can view Fatesverse in the order it's supposed to be read in (as well as a number of her other stories, such as the That Which is Greaterverse): AO3 Profile

Oh and of course, what better way to show your appreciation for Fates and Frea's other works than by voting in the Fourth Annual Awesome Awards? Only a few days left for voting, so if you haven't done so already, here's your chance! Awesome Awards

I am not going to sit here and tell you that Frea will finish Fates. She will and people just need to have faith. I am going to ask you, though, to share your own thoughts about why you like Fates (assuming you do and if you don't, why are you reading this post anyway?) and how cool it is that this story has been such a large part of the fandom for two whole freaking years. Isn't that amazing?

So sound off, if you want, and let's hear what you think!


  1. Ayefah18.2.12

    Wow, two years of pestering Frea with questions about Chuck's bunker. *sniffle* Time really does fly when you're having fun.

    The first chapter of Fates caught my eye back then because I'm a total sucker for AUs and it was immediately apparent that this one was detailed, thoughtful, and totally different than anything else in the fandom. I started asking weird detailed questions because the writing invited that level of engagement, which is awesome. And then I got new fandom friends out of it! I don't know how I would have gotten through the last couple of Chuck seasons without all you guys to commiserate with, so thanks, Frea and mx, for saving me headdesk-related brain injuries. :)

    1. It's nice to find that I've pulled the wool over your eyes. Thoughtful? Detailed? Pah, I was indulging my geeky side for overthinking things. ;)

      No, seriously, I'm glad I started writing Fates for pretty much the same reasons you said: I got a lot of fandom friends that helped me also avoid headdesk-related injuries (and likely kept me watching the show). Remember those epic PMs we used to have that ff.net evilly deleted? We dissected every bit of Shaw's character! And it was fun! Those (and writing Fates) were some of the most fun I've had in this fandom, so thank YOU for that.

  2. I started reading Chuck fan fiction less than a year ago and quickly realized that there was a story I had to read. It was called "What Fates Impose." After reading only the first couple of chapters, I was stunned and in awe of the gift the writer of this story had. I remember thinking, "I would pay good money to read this author. These stories are way better than the books I actually pay for."

    Now, less than a year later, I am honored to call Frea my friend and amazed to be co-writing a story with her. She continues to awe and inspire me as I work with her. She's so generous to work with a newbie writer like me.

    "Fates" marches on, and as it does so, it continues to challenge us, surprise us, thrill us and astonish us. I, for one, can't wait to see where it goes.

    1. Oh, sweet. I tested the subliminal messages in your replies and you're almost ready for minion-hood. Just a couple more tweaks on the--I mean, aw, thanks, quistie! ;)

      And it's not generosity, I promise. You're a great writer. It's pure selfishness--the more you write, the more I get to read, see? Thank you, though, for all of the thoughtful and touching things you wrote about Fates and me. Between you and Aardie and the others, I'm never fitting through a doorway again. Good thing I don't have to wait for Leonard to fetch me butter!!

  3. Mousey18.2.12

    Fates: The cause of two whole weekends disappearing!
    First Weekend: Reading Fates.
    Second Weekend: Reading Fates again.

    Oh and bonus points goes to this story for being the longest story on chuck fan fiction! And it's not even complete! And they are side stories! AND they is that Dave guy!



      I mean, I'm not supposed to play favorites among my characters (Dave totally is, though) and that's a bad author thing to do because it makes the other characters feel unloved (though have you seen him? Dave is awesome!) and unwanted (unlike Dave), so bad Frea. Bad, bad Frea.

      ;) Sorry about those weekends. I'm sure you had more important things to do, but I'm flattered nonetheless.

  4. What Fates Impose.

    Little did I know when I read the first few, superbly-written chapters of this story that it would become the ginormous, sprawling, Chuck-section devouring, AU to end all AUs! And yet it did.

    Neither did I realize that it would spawn its own mini-constellation of FatesVerse fics that were equally as compelling as their parent and lead to the surreal experience of being unable to decide which of multiple Frea fics to vote for at Awesome Awards time. For the same award. Madness!

    But most of all, I had no idea Fates would cover so much ground that when I think of earlier parts of the story I have to double check to make sure a scene was actually in Fates. Because seriously, it might have been in W&T, or TL&TCIA, or NITS or... well, you get the picture. (Note to Frea: No, I am still not the Fatesapedia!)

    Still, here we are, two years later.

    And to me, the single most amazing accomplishment Frea has attained is that she's still around. And still updating. I think she did the math once and told me that Fates is as long as all three Hunger Games books put together. That's a lot of writing for a labor of love. Has any other single-story Chuck fic run this long? If it has, I don't know of it.

    I'm sure Frea's tired of hearing me say that I wish she'd written the show from S3 on. She'll quash me with how she doesn't have to write within the show's budgetary constraints; she doesn't have to deal with Jeffster antics or making sure enough stunts are in every episode to justify keeping a stunt team around; she doesn't have to satisfy producers, the studio or the networks. Her only limits are what seem credible for the characters and the situation.

    But within those limits she's soared. From Chuck and Sarah's initial escape from the bunker through the somewhat, er... restructured episode plots, past the multiple Bryce encounters, a kidnapping, a harrowing Jill adventure and even a slightly insane romp with robotic rabbits, the story has been consistently compelling and entertaining. And even though it took thirty-three chapters for Chuck to realize that Sarah like-liked him and thirty-eight freakin' chapters before Chuck asked her on a date, at least Frea got them there. Oh, but then... well, you guys already know what happened next. :)

    While I occasionally peek back to check on a detail or two, for the most part I've resisted the urge to re-read the entire story. It's selfish, really. See, I'm going to wait until the story's finished (and it will almost certainly reach that state before very much longer) and then I'm going to get the completed ebook, copy it onto my iPad, and soak the entire thing in at once. Yeah, it'll take a couple of days, probably. But for those two days I'll have the pleasure of re-experiencing the story in a new way. It will no longer be like having a meal delivered to me in spoon-sized installments; it'll be like having the meal set out in its entirety before me.

    And what a meal that will be.

    1. In true Frea style, I'm going to reply to your thanks the way I do on chat:

      Awwww. Aardie, you're awesome.

      The end.

      (No seriously, thank you for this lovely tribute. You do get a kick out of destroying the doorways in my house, don't you? :-P That's okay, I went to the store and got extra butter for a reason!)

  5. I like Fates because it's awesome. Duh.

    Okay, one number just for fun: 76. That's the number of chapters within the Fatesverse.

    Details: 4 for W&T, 6 for FFF, 2 for Bank Job (for now ;-)), and 8 one-shots. And yes, I didn't need to look it up, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. :)

    Thank you Frea for writing Fates, and thank you Max and everyone that have contributed to it, because although I don't mention it very often, I like this story very much. Like, alot. (He told me so.)

    1. I'm sure somewhere in Crumby's house there is a calendar with sad faces every day of the year that I don't post Fates. There are 355 sad faces from last year. :) 10 calendar days with hearts and stars and exclamation points that all say "BEST. DAY. EVER."

      No, seriously, thank you, Crumby. I know we tease you about how much you like Fates, but it's thrilling and awe-inspiring to see such fervor. And of course, thank you for this and for all of the lovely reviews you've left me. You remain one of the classiest French broads I know. ;) Or just one of the classiest broads in general. Thanks for all of the inspiration and encouragement!!

  6. I've always liked bunker stories so I was immediately intrigued when Fates popped up. I was amazed at that first chapter, with how well written it was and just how long it was. And as a really well written fic with chapters that long, I figured maybe it would get updated once in a blue moon. Cause there was no way I could realistically expect someone to regularly produce that level of work without taking a great deal of time. So I was even more amazed with how often it got updated in those early days and with keeping to the announced schedule at the end of each chapter. And with that, I began to get excited for those days when the next chapter was planned to come out. Excited in a way that canon no longer provided consistently. That probably sums up why I love Fates. It gave me back the fun I had from S1 and S2.

    Now that we're in to Part V, I can honestly say I never expected to get so much from this story. Every chapter has been a gift. Thank you.

    1. No, thank YOU. Those early days were a lot of fun—I didn't have a job or travel obligations at the time, so Fates became something of a hobby to pass the time, and I remember people being freaked out at how quickly it was coming out. Well, no, I just remember people demanding MORE MORE MORE NOW, but that's fine, too. I'm really glad to hear that Fates gave you the fun back as though. Seriously: that's precisely why I write what I write, so to hear that it made you excited and was a good time for you makes everything worth it! Thank you for the taking the time to write such lovely words, too! I'm going to be blushing for a week because of this blog entry.

  7. Fates is my Chuck Canon. I can think of no higher compliment.

    And like Max, Fates led me to get to know Frea and Max too. Double bonus! And we have a lot of fun doing our Fringe podcasts. Triple bonus.

    1. Hee, I heard you guys were having a good time without me there last night. I was talking to Max about the show afterward and he kept saying, 'We said that in the podcast!' And I'm flattered that you think so highly of Fates! I hope you'll like what's coming up in the future!

  8. I've typed and retyped this first line about a dozen times, each time starting over because what I had written was not adequate.

    Two years!

    How do I describe how much I've enjoyed your magnum opus! How do I thank you for all the time you have put into each and every chapter! What words would be enough to thank you for sharing this gift and your talent with all of us!

    Two years!

    I know people who don't last in jobs, relationships and cities for two years! And in jobs, they get paid; in relationships, they get companionship; in cities, well I guess it depends on the city but I'm sure it's something. What have you gotten? Us - a rabble rousing groups of grousers who want it all and want it now (Okay, maybe 20 chapters ago)! And still you keep writing and sharing. After two years! Amazing!

    Frea, if you haven't already gotten it from my reviews or tweets or comments here on the blog, I think Fates is a great read and a captivating story that made me really care about it's characters. For me, that is what separates a good work from a great one.

    Thank you for the last two years of What Fates Impose!

    You are Aces!

    1. Amusingly, the longest I have ever held a job was with a company for 22 months. And I worked in two different offices with three different job titles, so I don't think that counts. Shortest span of work was a single afternoon, longest span at the same job was 18 months.

      I have, on the other hand, written two long-form stories over the span of four years each. One was a fanfiction, one was a novel I wrote on and off and finished in one long sprint at the end. Each is about a quarter of the length of What Fates Impose.

      Two friggin' years!

      I mostly kid in my aggravation. To be entirely truthful, Fates has led to amazing highs, depressing lows, and so much learning. It's been a thing constantly at the back of my mind, the characters percolating and telling me how they want to be, and it's been an awe-inspiring journey with the characters, the plots, and even the fans. So to hear that it's touched others the same way on this journey is awe-inspiring and wonderful. Thank you for your very touching comment, Peter. I'm not the only one who's Aces around here. ;)

  9. Sneaked in , just to say I love the story... hugs from a fan from Sweden

    1. Sweden! I love Sweden! Especially Swedish Fish! Thanks for the hugs from Sweden. ;) Glad you're loving the story!

  10. Anonymous24.2.12

    I don't remember when I first came upon Fates. It was some time ago when it was about 15 chapters old baby, I think, and it was one of the first fan fictions I've ever read. After that I didn't have time and kinda forget about it.

    And then one day, maybe a year later, I found a bookmark and I started again. And it was - for no better word - awesome. It took me less than a day to catch up and since then I've waited impatiently for every new chapter.

    Frea, your talent is incredible and I thank you for the countless hours of entertainment you provided us with (and hopefully will in the future).

    I am not the type to leave reviews or comments (too much to say, too little skill with words and English language in general) but I feel it is fair to thank you for everything you've written - since it made me smile (and bite my nails and incrediously stare at the screen of my Kindle etc.). I think that's pretty cool thing to be grateful for :)


  11. I discovered fan fiction between Chuck seasons 4 and 5 while googling "Sarah Bartowski" haha. So I am late to the party but after reading "To Resist Both Wind and Tide" I immersed myself in "What Fates Impose" and became addicted. Frea, IMHO, is able to capture the essence of the main characters from the show. Although AU, Fates just seems like an improvement and greatly enhanced my appreciation of all things Chuck. So congratulations, I look forward to the conclusion. Not because I want it to end but because I look forward in the expectation of excellent story telling.


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