The Art of Ending

Endings are my weakest area of writing, not surprisingly. I have less experience with them than beginnings (which are the most fun for me) and middle-beginnings (where I find my footing and am still chugging along), and even middle-middles (where things falter as I lose my way). One of my endings actually made my mother come into my room and beat me over the head with the book. Another ending of mine still haunts me for reasons I'm still trying to determine.

Keep all of that in mind when I tell you this: endings are the second thing I come up with when I concept a story.

Wait, what?

Writing is very much a solitary activity. You can share it with everybody (which I do) and you can debate it with everybody, but at the end of the day, it's just going to be you and your notepad struggling over how to make the characters sound and feel on the page like they do in your head. You have to write your vision as you see it, not somebody else's.

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