Because I Promised

When I last posted a Greater story on ff-net (which was over six months ago; it feels weird not to have touched that account in six months), I promised that I would keep everybody up to date when I started to work on any of my WIP projects again (they are, for the record, Spies and Nerds, Curtain Call, That Which is Greater, Guide Us Home, and Greater: Winter Break. I am no longer going to finish R&J, or, more accurately, I am not going to finish R&J in the way you think I am). I’ve finished one chapter of That Which is Greater, am about halfway through the next, and have one more to write. Yes, That Which is Greater Original Flavor will only have 13 chapters.

There are probably a few things that stand out about this:
That’s not much time for the story to end!

Well, no. But if you look at the Greaterverse on AO3, which has the complete archive of Greater stories in chronological order (except for one or two prompts I’ve written on Tumblr), right now we’re at the end of September and the next story takes place in mid-October. So we’re not really skipping much time. Which actually brings us to our second point.

Wait a second, Frea, you dropped hints about Carina in the New Year’s story and we haven’t seen her in any of the stories yet, and if you’ve only got three chapters, that’s not enough time, either!

Again, you’ve got a point. Which is why I’m actually going to write another, stand-alone Greater story. The holiday it’ll revolve around will be Violet’s birthday, and a certain redhead may or may not be at her birthday party.

I’m choosing to write the Carina arc separately from the main story because thematically and tonally, it’s different, and blending it cohesively with the story would have caused about ten or eleven chapters extra, which I’m frankly not willing to write for the story at this point. So it’s three more chapters for the original story, and one stand-alone that revolves around the women in Chuck’s life—Sarah, Carina, Violet, Sophie, Ellie—and then I’ll move on to finishing Winter Break and will likely, at that point, close the book on this universe. I can think of one plot point I can’t tie up, but I’m not too fussed, truthfully.

Does this mean you’re going to return to your other projects?

I am not sure. Currently, I have to focus on what’s in front of me and can’t think of those other stories without my work flagging on this story. Either way, keep checking the FAQs, and I appreciate the patience. When I have the final chapter of Greater finished, I’ll start posting again.



  1. Can't wait. I hope "Winter Break" will shed some light on how Chuck and Sarah's relationship reaches the point we see in "Trick or Treat". I've *really* been wanting to read how their relationship gets discovered (and apparently approved too).

    1. Hm, it might not do that, just as a warning.

      But hey, that's what imagination's for, right? :)

  2. Anonymous11.7.13

    Looking forward to ANY Chuck fiction by you! And in regards to Romeo/Juliet, could you possible add that chapter in which Chuck sneaks into Sarah's hotel room to the download file copy? The download file doesn't have that chapter in it. And if there is no more R/J, that chapter is a nice place to end and I'd love to have an ePub or PDF of all of the chapters that you wrote for R/J. Thank you!

    1. Sure, that's not a problem, I'll get to that as soon as I track down the scene. I'll probably actually be removing all of it from the website because of reasons in the future, but I'll give everybody a date for when that's going to be.


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