Sneak Peek: Greater #12!

Chapter 12, Title TBA, will be dropping tomorrow whenever I get around to, you know, remembering I am supposed to be putting a chapter up (seriously, guys, I am flaky). The good news is that it IS completed, but not beta’d at the time of writing this post. And even better news, I wrote 1500 words of Violet chattering to Carina last night. And if you think that all of Sarah’s biggest secrets (that Violet knows) aren’t getting babbled at 500 words a minute, you clearly don’t know me well. Hit the link to read more!

Violet’s head shot up, but it was Morgan whose jaw dropped open. “Wait, you make your living talking about food?”

Sarah tensed, though she wasn’t quite sure why. Maybe it was the disbelieving look on Morgan’s face, or the many covers that had been potentially blown by one detail out of place. Certainly, Chuck’s family didn’t look like a bunch of terrorists or drug lords, but you could never be certain. “Yes?” she said.

Morgan abruptly stood up. Sarah’s hand tightened on the knife, but the bearded man only dropped to his knees and proceeded to bow. “You are a goddess. A goddess. No, not a goddess, a Samurai. Sarah-Dono. You get paid to eat. That’s like the Holy Grail of jobs.”

“What’s a Holy Grail?” Violet asked Chuck.

“A movie we’ll enjoy together when you’re older.”

“Technically, it should be Walker-Dono,” Sarah told Morgan before she remembered that she was supposed to be a food blogger and not somebody who had studied eastern culture extensively.

Morgan goggled, Chuck choked on food, and Ellie and Devon’s eyebrows went up. “Please get off the floor,” Ellie said through her smile. “We have company and we want to make a good impression. For five minutes. For at least five minutes, we are trying to make a good impression.”

“What’s a good impression?” Violet asked, this time looking at Sarah. “Is it like an arts and crafts project?”

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