I know, I know, I’ve used this blog more in the past week than I have in the past year. Sorry about that. I’ve been playing in the Avengers fandom. You understand, don’t you? Natasha Romanoff is just so shiny. She’s damaged and stoic and can kill you with her pinky. I appear to have a type.

I also have News. Not just news, but News.

That’s right, I have finished That Which is Greater. The original story that kicked off, to date, eleven other stories involving one Violet E. Bartowski and her crazy adventures with her father and her father’s fake-or-maybe-not-so-fake girlfriend. And there are still three stories to come, two unwritten and one partially written.

But the original is done. I finished the first draft of the last chapter a little over half an hour ago and I’m still sitting here in shock that soon I’m going to be able to take that “WIP” status off of my blog. One more story to mark “Complete” on ff-net, to reach its 13/13 chapter status on AO3. To finish up on the ebook.

Wow, I offer this story in a lot of places. Huh.

Okay, I imagine there are some questions, so I’ll answer what I can.

How do you feel, Frea?

Kiiiiiind of like death warmed over because I haven’t slept in three days. I laid awake for an hour last night and then rolled over and wrote Chuck and Sarah’s final fight in the story by hand, which hurt them more than it did my right-hand ring finger (which is a lot).

How many chapters?

Three. For once, I got my count right when I guessed.

They’re not a thousand words long each, right? Right?

No, put together, these three chapters make up 40% of the word count for the thirteen-chapter story.

What are they called?

That’s telling.

Is there a lot of Violet in them

Not too much in chapter eleven, but twelve and thirteen are chock full of her…and maybe some other Bartowskis? I’m not telling.

Where does it end?

You’ll have to read and find out.

When can I read these chapters? Now? Now, right? It’s now. Please tell me it’s now.

Chapter eleven will be posted on Monday, July 22nd. Which is one day after the thirty month anniversary of the fic, actually. And one day after my brother’s half birthday. Two days before my mom’s birthday and three days before my parents’ anniversary. Which is also my dad’s birthday. Next week’s kind of a big birthday, O’Scanlin-wise.

Hold up. You said there were only two more stories after this first one, including Winter Break. Now there are three. What gives?

Heh, well, funny you should ask. There’s a story that’s sat in the back of my head since the first time I came up with Greater that I didn’t want to tackle because it would have taken too much. I decided that it wasn’t important, so I cut it. However, with the way I’m ending the original story, I realized that leaving that story out means not closing a very important loop. So I’ll be using it to fill a prompt on my Ladies Fic Bingo Card and writing it.

The prompt is “backstory.” Make of that what you will.

When will we get these other fics?

I don’t know, but I appreciate your patience. I will announce when I’m working on them, and which one I’m writing next. Hopefully it will be about a certain redhead’s visit as referenced in the New Year’s Eve story. And because every other story has a holiday or vacation attached, this one will, too. Good luck figuring out which one!

But what IS next, seriously?

Sorry, hopping back over to Avengers because I signed up for a thing called CarolCon. There’s a Pacific Rim fusion calling my name.




  1. Anonymous19.7.13

    Frea has written some new Chuck fan fiction and it will be available soon??? In the words of a great, noble and wise philosopher and leader:


    And now, I'm actually looking forward to a Monday!

    1. Oh, that's the first time I've ever gotten a Flintstones quote in reply to update news. I feel all cheery inside and also a little like I want to go propel a car with nothing but my feet.

      I do my part to make Mondays better. ;)

  2. Anonymous19.7.13

    Congratulations! I'm imagining you're feeling both great relief and euphoria and like you're completely drained. May I suggest chocolate?

    I am also looking forward to Monday now. Of course, I have an eye doc appt. that day which will mean dilated eyes and an inability to read for a while. I'll just remind myself that patience is a virtue I should cultivate.


    1. Thank you! I am feeling great relief and euphoria and like I'm completely drained. I treated myself to the LARGE iced mocha this morning instead of the medium. And later, I shall drop by World Market and indulge in some Ritter Sport.

      Oh, man, good luck with the eye doctor appointment! I have one this afternoon, which of course will mean getting dilated myself, probably. I'd never had my eyes dilated until last year and they didn't tell me what they were doing, so I was VERY CONFUSED when I walked out of the office and sunlight hurt. :)

  3. Anonymous19.7.13

    Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am an old hand at dilation, having been blind as a bat since childhood. Still, if it's been some time since my last full eye exam, I'm surprised once again at the fact that I can't open my eyes outside without dark lenses and that everything is blurry. I just plan to hang out in downtown Menlo Park until I can see well enough to not endanger others when I head home.

    Finishing a story AND eye doctor appointment definitely calls for serious chocolate. It sounds like you are doing a good job on following through on that.


    P.S. I hope trip plans are progressing nicely.

    1. Ack! That sounds like no fun whatsoever. It took me 27 years and having glasses for 13 of those years to get my first eye dilation, and urghhhh. You're right. All the chocolate. I hope things will go well in Menlo Park for you!

      and yeah, the trip's coming together nicely. We've booked hotels and stuff (used points to pay for everything) and all of our major travel has been sussed out. We get three hours in Budapest. Ever been? Any tips if you have?

    2. Anonymous19.7.13

      I can always find something to do in Menlo Park. I may be blurry, but that won't stop me from going to Kepler's and Cafe Borrone. A good bookstore with a cafe next to it is pretty much ideal for filling in a morning.

      It sounds like the trip prep is in great shape. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Budapest. So many places, so little time (and money). Three hours doesn't sound like a lot of time, but even a whirlwind visit should be amazing.


    3. Oh, bookstores. I don't live near any anymore, so whenever I pass one, it's like my kryptonite. There's an icon over on LJ that I always giggle at because it's ants in a line, except one wanders off. "Oh, shiny, a bookstore." And it's EXACTLY how I feel.

      We've got a train layover and I've worked it out getting us an earlier train to go poke around Budapest. :) My friend says the square's a solid bet because we can see the castle. I'm excited. I wanted to spend longer in Budapest but I just don't have the money or the vacation time saved up. I really should retire from my job and write books all the time. I'd be so kick-butt at that. I could roll in the dough!*

      *I highly doubt I would make enough money to roll around in it like Scrooge McDuck, though it would be sure as hell fun to try.


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