Pardon the Dust Yet Again!

As you probably noticed right when you arrived, Fauxlivia is gone and now we have a bright new header with 100% more clones (and still the same amount of doubles). I was feeling a little blue/green last time I designed the blog and now it’s time for an infusion of pastels, apparently.

In other news, some stuff is underway and whatnot, and I’m working on things that might make people happy, which is possibly the vaguest way I could think of to say that. I have a fic definitely coming out in August that’s about 30,000 words long. Yesterday I posted a fanfiction about the books in Maria Hill’s apartment called For a Rainy Day. Also, if you’re a fan of Arrow and The Avengers, you might like Bad Altitude, which I posted last week for the Into A Bar challenge over on Livejournal.

Oh! And I quasi-wrote Chuck fic again! It’s Pitch Perfect, but as a Chuck AU. The link to that is here.

Under the read more, I’ve put two Bingo cards that I’m working on. The first is my Trope Bingo card and the second is my Ladies Bingo card, so if you have any ideas for things I could write for the different squares, please let me know! Any fandom except Downton Abbey and no finale fics because those are the worst.

fake relationship au: alternate professions au: space unrequited love / pining locked in
holidayfic au: other bodyswap forbidden fruit wingfic
au: fairy tale / myth sharing a bed FREE

au: apocalypse au: alternate gender norms
trapped in a dream unexpected friendship huddle for warmth kidfic mind games
presumed dead telepathy / mindmeld road trip role reversal curtainfic

Marriage (Arranged or Otherwise) Character Death Injury< Reunions Coming of age
Betrayal Telepathy Darkfic Vulnerability Possession & Mind Control
Backstory Everyone thinks we're doing it Wild Card Voyeurism Fairy Tales & Folklore
Five Things Unmixy things: Weird crossovers Miles from anywhere: Geographical Isolation Harlequin AU Diaries and Journals
Apocafic Missing persons Badfic< Second person narration Drugs</

But yes, there’s a reason we’ve added some clones to the blog. Grace, even dogs can’t hear the noise you’re making right now, stop that.

- Frea


  1. mxpw3.7.13

    Maria and Natasha for "Everyone thinks we're doing it". Obviously. ;-)

    1. That fic is called Counterfeit and Counterpart and I already wrote it, obviously. ;-)

  2. Michael3.7.13

    Chuck and Sarah for Marriage

    1. I don't think I've ever written a married Chuck/Sarah fic. I don't know if I want to break this record. :)


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