Greater Eve

News! So tomorrow I’m posting the next chapter of That Which is Greater, which I’m pleased to announce is called Riding in Cars with Villains (the last chapter was Riding in Cars with Boys). If you’ll remember, we’re in the middle of the Zarnow arc, which is a fitting place to end the story, given that the original Greater is thematically about Sarah and Chuck coming to terms that he’s the Intersect. Some things will be different, others the same. I’m sure those of you who read Fates are shocked that I borrow from canon and then sometimes twisted canon. SHOCKED.

I can’t give you a time that the chapter will drop other than “when I remember I’m posting a chapter today,” sorry. Sometimes I am flaky.

Other Greater news! I’ve figured out the next story somewhat, though I don’t want to give too much away. I will say a couple of things about it, though: one, I had to change a date in Greater: Pumpkin Carving to give myself a little room to play for the story. Two, we won’t see Peyman Alahi or the Nadan-I-Noor in Greater, so it’s not going to be the plot of Wookie. I’ll explain why not in-story, I promise. It’s one of my favorite episodes, so I don’t want to write it (you’ll notice in Fates, I skirted around the edges of it, too, only writing the aftermath in Not in the Stars).

Ebook News! I’ll be updating Nervert’s wonderful Revenge of the Bartowski ebook this week to reflect the latest chapters. When I’m done with That Which is Greater Original Story, I’ll of course offer that full ebook, as well as an ebook that has all of the little stories mixed with the bigger Greater stories. That ebook will get updated every time I finish one of the next three stories, too.

Story News! The Clintasha Promptathon is going on in the Avengers fandom (that’s Clint/Natasha fiction, by the way), and I wrote a couple of stories for it. They’re both short and fluffy, but fun. The Memory of Rain is on my LJ, but Domestic…Bliss? is on AO3 if you want to go there (and leave me shiny, delicious kudos!).

Miscellaneous But Awesome News! So you may not have been aware, but I had two bets going about finishing Greater. I bet mpxw I could finish the entire Greater story before he finished something that I’m not revealing here. He lost, so his avatar is my choice for two weeks….which is Joseph Gordon Levitt in garters. These are going to be an awesome two weeks, guys.

Also, Nervert and I had a bet going about who could finish his or her story first. Loser had to buy a goat. Baaaaaah.

Stay sexy!


  1. Anonymous22.7.13

    Can't wait. So wonderful to have Frea writing and posting Chuck stories again!

  2. Anonymous22.7.13

    JGL in garters, the image my mind conjures has me rolling on the floor. I'll have to check out mxpw's avatar.

    It's kinda cool that whenever I get into a fandom, you're right there writing stories, so it's it coll having an excellent author for my fandom. And as they say "talent attracts talent" or something like that. Looking forward to reading the new That Which is Greater chapter and super excited about your Clintasha stuff. Don't know if you saw Pacific Rim as yet, but since you like Avengers, I definitely recommend it. And also, thank you very much Frea.

    -Sam Spade


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