That Which is Greater Sneak Peek and Updated eBook

Hank reminded me that I haven’t added the last scene of Romeo and Juliet But Without Teenagers or Death…Well Okay Some Death (what? I like short titles) to the ebook, which is sad since I abandoned the story for reasons. So last night, I went into the file and updated it so that it now includes Chuck creepily talking his way into Sarah’s hotel room by pretending to be her husband. You can get that now on the Downloads page.

Um, the Kindle and ePub files may be mixed up. Just to warn you. If you hit the Kindle link and get an ePub, just hit the ePub to get your Kindle link. And let me know. I’m not somewhere where I can troubleshoot it.

I am 90% of the way through chapter 12 of Greater (or 98% depending on if I decide to put a specific scene in this chapter or the next) so hopefully I should be able to post that soon. I’m sending 11 to mxpw to beta later today, provided he can actually read through his happy tears of getting to meet Yvonne a week from today. And I thought I’d include a tiny snippet of what’s coming, so you can stop worrying that I’m not writing shippery stuff. (I try not to, but somehow I never succeed)

That Which is Greater Chapter 12: Riding in Cars with Villains

“We may need your help.”

Chuck took a sip of Coke. “With what?”

“We may need you to review something, to see if you flash. We don’t have anything yet, but—stay available?”

“Sure, if I have time after work, yeah,” Chuck said, and for a second, a look crossed Sarah’s face that he didn’t recognize. “Something the matter?”

“No, not at all.” Sarah’s eyes flicked to the white-board calendar that took up half of the kitchen wall. Schedules were scrawled in different colored markers—Violet’s, obviously, was purple, Chuck’s was red. Chuck would have been embarrassed about it, but it was just a way to keep three people co-parenting a very active child sane, so he stayed quiet while Sarah studied it. “You think…dinner, tomorrow? You all look like you’re clear.”

“I’ll double-check, but—” Chuck hopped to his feet and grabbed the black marker, which they used for the group. He scrawled in the words “Dinner with Sarah” on the next day. “That good?”

“Just like that, huh?”

“We live by the calendar, we die by the calendar,” Chuck said solemnly.

And that’s all she wrote—for now!




  1. Anonymous15.7.13

    Thank you for the preview. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to some new Chuck fiction by Frea. And thank you for updating the Romeo/Juliet story download. I've been wanting a complete copy for a long time. And I went to the ePub download and it was indeed an ePub. So that link is fine. Thank you again! Now if we could just get Nervert to do more up-to-date download of Revenge of the Bartowski!

    1. Haha, well, since I'm the one that makes all of the ebooks, I can make that happen. Give me a couple of days to gather all of the chapters and whatnots. ;)

      Thanks for checking on the links for me! And I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt!


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