New ebook, new colors, new stories, new chapter

You probably saw the new layout changes last week, but I wanted to let you know that there’s still some construction going on*. I went out and gathered a bunch of intel on different stories (guys, I’m not going to lie: this was not easy. It’s come to my attention that I write a lot) and put them on the fic page, which means that the most comprehensive list** of my stories you’re going to find on the internet is on this blog. I’ve sorted it by fandom, for the most part, first the series and then the alphabetical order.

I also went ahead and tossed Nobody Puts Dummy in the Corner onto the downloads page.*** I haven’t put anything new on that page for a while, so it felt strange.

In writing news, Camp Nano is going on and I’ve been sort of half-heartedly following along, which means writing a bit. I wrote a bunch of prompts on Tumblr this weekend from a myriad of different fandoms, including Arrow, The Avengers, Captain MarvelCommunity and FringeDresden Files, Middleman and New Girl, and Orphan Black. Actually, there were a lot of New Girl stories in there. Huh. My friend may have a fixation. I’ve got one more prompt sitting in my inbox that needs to be penned, and it’s fantastic (think classic comic book character + Sarah Walker).

Oh, also, I finished the eleventh chapter of That Which is Greater last night, so. Yeah. Not sure where I’m going to end that story, but it’s one step closer to removing one “WIP” status from my fic page.


* I still need to update the colors on the Fates Guide.
** but not exhaustive.
*** Links to the Fates Guide, the Downloads page, etc., are now in the sidebar on the right. Cheerio!


  1. Anonymous10.7.13

    I haven't been on here in a while. I like the new skin/layout. The fact that Felicity Smoak and Tatiana Maslany have joined your crew of misfits is just icing on a very delicious and well put together cake.

    Also, just to pre-empt you, there is no such thing as too many New Girl fics.ANd, I'm glad your on your way to completing a "WIP." (Does the period go before or after the quotation mark?) That way I can finally say, "I sort of know someone online who completed something.

    -Philip Marlowe

    1. Wow, that was a really nice burn on the internet (though I do have to protest that I've finished Fates and like 15 other fics, so I wouldn't just be earning that title now. :)). In academia, the period goes after the quotation mark. In dialogue, before it.

      I'm setting up a chess board of awesome characters, and all of the clones are the pawns. Felicity is, ironically enough, not the queen (that space belongs forever and ever amen to Olivia Dunham).

  2. So nice to have this guide. Makes it easier catch up on your writings and discover new fandoms now that I'm gearing back up for some extended time on the road.

    1. Aw, thanks! You know that you can download anything on AO3 in Kindle/ePub format, too, right? :)


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