2011 Resolutions — How’d I Do?

Last year I posted a bunch of resolutions for 2011. None of them included watching Santa Suit and pounding my head into the wall until there was copious bloodshed.  Shame.  If I had, I'd have accomplished at least one more resolution.  Check the break for a trip to the past and some musing about my life in 2011.

1) Finish Fates Finish Fates Parts I-IV.

Fates got away from me this year. I actually had a reviewer come and have the gall to accuse me of not finishing Fates when I made it a resolution and to that reviewer, I say:  my resolutions are between me and myself and you're a jerk.

There, I said it.

Sorry, I've been wanting to say that all year. I don't normally call reviewers jerks because I really do appreciate all of the reviews I get, but that reviewer gets special treatment. Also, the reviewer didn't even talk about the story he or she left that review on.

I would have loved to have finished What Fates Impose in 2011.  Mostly because if I had, I'd be free of it now, but I didn't, and that's life.  I will say that I'm grateful for the patience and support of the people that are still hanging around and giving their feedback on the story.

2) Learn how to do a backflip Watch a bunch of silly Youtube videos of people doing backflips

Like this one!

3) Semi-Permanent Layout for CI

And isn't it shiny? Though I kind of want to redo the banner and include more Kate Beckett.

4) Finish Fortune Favors Fools

This story got PWNED, bitches.

5) Get All As Get mostly As and 2 Bs.

Those were hard classes to take while working nights and I am damned proud anyway. Thanks to Sharpasamarble, Neil, and definitely Aardie for making sure I survived them!

6) Master Illustrator Master Captivate.

Didn't end up needing to use Illustrator for work. Learned another Adobe program instead.

7) Be nicer.

To everybody but Maximus, that is. Poor Maximus. And to my jerk reviewer because, hey, jerk.

8) Less cynicism about Morgan.

I mean, sure I called him the Douchersect, but I did at some point in 2011 make peace with the fact that the writers feel Morgan Can Do No Wrong, right? Didn't I? I...didn't? Oh. Um, I said nice things about him in the episode with Danny Pudi. There. Resolution accomplished.

9) Start campaign for more CASTLE SLIDE Uh, love the Castle Slide for forever.

Sorry, too many other projects to launch ILoveCastleSlide.com. Maybe next year.

10) Be able to recite the entirety of Westley's speech to Prince Humperdinck without any mistakes. Watch Princess Bride a couple times.

Because Princess Bride is awesome.

So 2011 was a big year.  I wrote a whole bunch of stuff, probably the most I've ever written in a year, launched some big projects, participated in some great stuff.  I got to help quistie64 raise over 2,000 dollars to help children all over the world just by writing stuff that I didn't even create!  2011 pushed me as a writer to step up my game and to tackle the kinds of scenes I've always feared writing (small children, for one) and I'm grateful for that.

Personally, 2011 was also a wonderful year.  In September, I got a new nephew and he's just amazing.  And incredibly cute and I finally see why people find babies adorable.  And in September, I got a new job that didn't involve working nights and unpacking boxes, so...

Yeah.  A wonderful year.  I get to live with one of my favorite people on the planet, and I get to hang out with all of the friends I've met through writing and through Chuck.  So what I really think I'm saying here is "Thank you" and I hope every single one of you has a wonderful 2012.

But I'm not making any resolutions for it.



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  1. Just keep being exactly the way you are =D, have a great '12 and happy new year to all!!


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