Day Three of Captivitity Day One of Freedom!

Greetings, my wonderful, wonderful friends and readers. You've come together and you've rallied behind your MBO (Most Benevolent Overlord, natch), and to see such support and such love for little old me just warms my tar-black soul from the inside out. It's like the opposite of a Microwave of Love.

Wonderful news: I've escaped! I'm writing this from a cyber cafe somewhere in Colorado, looking desperately for a way back to St. Louis. How did it happen?

Things were progressing nicely horribly from inside quistie's basement. I've convinced the other prisoners that we need to make a break for it, which is fantastic news. But every time we sit down to a planning session, somebody brings a hank of rope or a ball and suddenly it's all about playtime and not about escaping the evil clutches of my one-time apprentice. They lack focus!

Somewhere to the west of me, mxpw is rolling his eyes at the irony of Frea O'Scanlin claiming somebody lacks focus.

But anyway, I finally got them to focus by learning that I should never use the word "Treat" in my escape plan. I cobbled together something MacGyver would be proud of and made my escape with the morning sun. Thankfully quistie keeps her third Lotus well-gassed up and the keys in the ignition. Also, it was running. But I stole the car and fishtailed out of the snow surprisingly nice neighborhood depths of hell.

Since I forgot to bring some with me, I had to stop for Dr Pepper (I'm going to miss that fountain, guys) and I met this really awesome reporter. I wanted to tell him all about how I, you know, was being held captive against my will for FANFICTION, but he was more interested in this whole money-raising thing quistie is doing. Begrudgingly, I told him all about it, and how it was a good thing I escaped because quistie just raised the goal to Free Frea to $2400. Yes, my freedom has a (new) price: 10 smiles!

So whew, good thing I escaped. We'll NEVER be able to raise that kind of money, am I right?

The reporter seemed impressed; that's a good thing, right?

Anyway, my triple-layer grand caramel and almond latte with extra foam and whipped cream just arrived, so I should stop writing in this blog and plan the next leg of my escape, which involves Canada. Canada or Bust, I always say and—

Wait a second, there's a car pulling up. Hold on, I recognize that car. Oh, no, not again, I'll never go peacefu—

Note from quistie64: Don't worry, readers, I've got her.  And as a result for her audacity in running away, we're extending the poll to December 20th!  Happy voting!

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  1. Graceless14.12.11

    Wow, you guys are crazy. Quistie, when am I going to have my sister back?


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