Day Two of Captivity

So it's me again. Frea. Your former Most Benevolent Overlord. I say former because...well, here's what you missed or maybe you just forgot:

On Tuesday, I was abducted from my home by a ragtag crew of ragamuffins with the faces of cherubs and the souls of sarcasm and song. Turns out that these wayward kidnappers could only belong to quistie64, Chuck's very own Seamstress of Songs. Dear readers, I was dragged across state lines (making this federal, for those of you who watch crime procedurals, which means Castle and Beckett aren't coming to rescue me) and thrown--THROWN I say--into a very comfortable, well-heated, and well-stocked with Dr Pepper miserable-looking basement.

But quistie is benevolent. For donations to Zachary Levi's favorite charity, Operation Smile, she'd let me go and we could write something together to prove our awesomeness. I cheered up at this. $480 to Free Frea. Not too bad.

PLOT TWIST. We raised the $480 (enough to buy TWO smiles, guys, that's two new smiling children! Even the cockles of my black, shriveled heart are warmed at the thought) very quickly.

And quistie didn't let me go. No, that wonderfully-delightful evil hag MBO-in-training CHANGED THE GOAL. It would cost $1500 to get me out. I despaired.

And then...we hit $1500.  We hit it on day two. And we're open until Christmas, guys!


She's still not letting me go. I'm still in the basement and readers, I don't know if I'll escape. I mean, I hope I will. But all I have to comfort me is this goose-down comforter and this Dr Pepper fountain and wonderful things that the readers are doing, like this:

Thanks to Catrogue for this awesome whiteboard sign!!!! And to Joel and Crumby

Maybe quistie can be encouraged. Stranger things have happened. Maybe if we raise enough, she'll let me go. I promise to still write the story you guys are making me do, kicking and screaming choose, but I'd rather do that from the cold, barren comfort of St. Louis than the beautiful snow-filled mountains of Colorado.

So what can do? Please, donate! Whatever you can, even if it's $1. And if you can't donate, spread the word. Tell your friends, tell your family.  We're talking up a storm on Twitter with the hashtag #SingForASmile.  Even have them come vote and tell quistie and I what we need to write! Voting's open until December 15th, donating until December 25th. And quistie and I should be are committed.  We're going to see this thing through.  You donate, you vote, you tell us what to write, and we write. At the end of it all, there will be ebooks.  Lots of ebooks.  And maybe even some guest star writers dropping by to help us out!

But in the meantime, we're nearly up to $2000, and we could reach that TODAY. You know what $2000 buys? That's enough to sponsor THREE operating tables. That's 67 cases of antibiotics for sick children in South America and Africa and places that need it most. Or, and this is just so great that I continue to be amazed and awed and humbled and dazzled and stunned and thunderstruck and a million other synonyms by the generosity of Chuck fans, that's 8 and 1/3rd smiles for children with cleft palates and in other need of surgery.

You know how many kids that is? That's the entire singing Woodcombe Clan, PLUS Violet Bartowski, and a third of another kid that hasn't happened in either story yet. We've already raised "seven smiles." Let's keep going! I know I'm a little terrified at the thought that there's already almost 34 chapters due, but you know what?

Bring it on. Let's do this.

Sincerely (and please get me out of the basement!!! There's no toasted ravioli in the state of Colorado!),

Frea O'Scanlin


  1. Anonymous8.12.11

    34 chapters in 2days :O.
    It'll probably be up to 100chapters by christmas or more!

  2. Like I said, bring it on. :) We're strong in spirit and creative in mind, and we'll do anything we can to help people smile.

  3. Anonymous8.12.11

    Beckett and Castle have crossed state lines twice, into California and New Jersey. They still won't be helping you because unless Will Sorenson asks for his ex-girlfriend's help again, they only go after murderers, not kidnappers. Chuck and Sarah have a security firm now, but they are just as likely to be working for quistie. Plus I think they are booked freeing Casey, Lester, and Bryce Larkin. You're on your own.

    Great job with the fundraising.

  4. MadjeKnotts8.12.11

    How about this Frea, I'll send Castle and Beckett after you if Quistie kills you while you are in her basement. But seeing as that's probably not going to happen since I'm sure she has NO want to write this forming monstrosity of story, you won't get to see them. Also, I am looking forward to the next "How to Be a Most Benevolent Overlord that Can Still Strike Fear into the Hearts of Men and Women and Rule with an Iron Fist" class. Cause I have 4 younger siblings, and lots of crazy college friends. Enough said. Also, I promise to NEVER kidnap you and hold you hostage so you'll write Romeo and Juliet, I mean Fates. :)

  5. When I encountered this fund raiser earlier this week only $20 had been raised. I thought that this is going to be really embarrassing for Frea and Quistie if no one donates, so I chipped in another $20 to raise it to forty. I checked in later this week to see that it has really taken off and like others I am proud of Chuck fans. And, Frea, I have been to Colorado and I have been to St. Louis... Need I say more? Enjoy the basement.

  6. Michael669.12.11


    Just wanted to let folks know that they should check with their employer. This charity is on my company's list for 1:1 matching funds! I just got a confirmation.

    With one of those 34 chapters already mine ( mu ha ha ), I won't ask for a second. I'll just use it as a bargaining chip for your release.



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