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Hello, everybody!

So, this isn't a post to review a show or offer a new ebook or even pictures, which is what I usually do on this blog.  No writing advice to be found anywhere.  I think I'll just talk about life instead. There's lots of updates to be had, actually, and I realize that the people who follow me on Twitter hear a lot more than the regular blog followers.  So some of my Twitter followers know a lot of what I'm going to blog about already, but that's okay. There's some new stuff buried in here.

Hit the break for more.
1) It's December, which means I can wish everybody a happy holidays! Happy Holidays!

2) I'm now officially an adult, I think.  I signed a lease on Friday for my first official apartment (thanks to fate and some odd twists, I've never had to sign an actual lease for a place. Does that mean I've paid cash to rent a room in a house for a year?  Uh, maybe. Have I lived in student housing, intern housing, and for a couple memorable weeks, a tent? Yes).  Yesterday was a trek to the apartment to take the first load of nonessential items in and to paint, which means I've been around less on the Twitter and other places than usual.  Didn't mean there wasn't Fatesian fun to be had, though.

Mom painted this on my wall. I blurred out the actual spoiler before
she could take the picture...
Yes, my wall is that shade of purple.  More a shade of plum, I'd say. Just the one wall, though, as I don't want to go crazy.  I should be all moved in by next Saturday.

3) I have finally fulfilled my lifelong dream.  That's right, I've done my bathroom up in the same colors as my blog.  I'll have a picture of the bathroom when it's finished to show off, but two of the walls are this color:

Mom dropped the paint can, not me.  :)
4) I have chapters 52-54 of What Fates Impose finished but unbeta'd.  Max has beta'd all of them, I think, but I'm going to wait until I have 55 finished so that this arc fits together neatly.  The benefit of this is that once they're finished, I can post them all close together.

5) I'm about 30% of the way through Chapter 55.  Bugging me about it won't make me write it faster, though.

6) quistie64 and I have an AWESOME project going on soon. Keep an eye on the blog for details.  I think, provided he never finds out I stuck his character in a bunker and that quistie made his character sing, Zachary Levi would be proud of what we're about to do.  With your help, of course!

7) Curtain Call is still on hiatus.  So is R&J, and Greater.  Friday's episode will determine something very cool about another on-hiatus story between Max and me.

8) I've begun my promised Violet Bartowski Christmas story. Finally, the tale of how Sarah made Violet cry on Christmas morning will be known to all mankind...well, the ones that read That Which is Greater.

9) Speaking of Christmas, is everybody following Kate McK's awesomely-named blog, No Significant Abnormalities?  If we here at Castle Inanity are the CIA, she's now the NSA, and we're proud to be affiliated with such a fine author.  She's got a great story called It's a Wonderful Cover Life and you can read that here.  Make sure you stop by and comment on her blog if you liked the story!

10) Lots of holiday traveling coming up, which means that people will probably want more ebooks. If you want an ebook made of any story, get the author's permission, copy the entire story into a word document, and email it to me. I'll make it into an ebook for you.

11) I really miss Fringe.

- Frea


  1. "Bugging me about it won't make me write it faster, though."
    Will chocolate? Because I've got a nice big bar of it here and I don't think I can eat it all.
    And a quistie64 + Frea story?!? :OOOOOOOSOGOODOOOO

  2. Ayefah4.12.11

    It's awesome that you're painting your walls to make the apartment your own. I haven't done that kind of thing since a friend and I painted a giant staring eyeball on the wall of my law school. Good times.

  3. Mousey, it depends on which kind of chocolate. If you happen to be holding a Cadbury bar of some type, well, I can pound out another 500 words in the next ten minutes or so... ;)

    The best thing about your statement, Ayefah, is that I have no doubt it's true. But yeah, painting the place was awesome. My sister's room looks great, and I get to continue painting things black tonight.

  4. Crumby6.12.11

    Your mom painting this on the wall was hilariously awesome! :-)


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