Blanket Statement

So I wanted to make something clear here:

My author's note at the end of Chapter 42 did not mean we are literally tackling Chuck vs. the Best Friend. This is my fault for not being more clear. I simply meant we were going to tackle some of the same themes--simply put, Chuck doesn't want to put his best friend in danger.  Because he's Fates Chuck, he has a very pessimistic outlook and he's already been taught to expect the worst thing to happen during a mission, so having Morgan around while they're on a mission is the last thing he wants to do.

I've had people ask about Longshore, Crown Vic, and Cole Barker, so I'll make a blanket statement about that, too.

Some canon plots will still be in What Fates Impose, but only in that they make sense in my timeline.  To wit, I thought Chuck and Sarah and Casey would have been handed the Mei-Ling Cho assignment, but it's doubtful they would be at the same sushi restaurant to meet Paine's poor first victim that Ellie tried to save, ergo Chuck Vs. the Truth never happened in Fates (which means Paine might still be at large, muhaha).

A general rule of thumb is I've been treating the episode airdate as a gauge for when the episode events happened, too.  Crown Vic...has come and gone.  It happened around the beginning of December, and now we're in January, so my apologies on that.*

That being said, we're still in January, and in the first season territory.  Cole Barker, a second season character, is something like more than a year away, and who knows where the story will be by that time?  And I think it's pretty safe to say that if things keep going the way they are, Sarah's probably not even going to be interested in that British piece of...beefcake.

Sorry for the definitive statements, I just wanted to let everybody know where we stand.



* There are two exceptions to this rule.  One has already passed and was an author error, and the other is coming and will have an author's note explaining why at the time.


  1. Wait - you are writing this wonderful piece of fiction and you are apologizing for not fitting someone else's timeline? No, that's just wrong on so many levels. I don't care if you follow the shows timeline or not - hell it was blown to hell a long time ago. So you just keep writing and we will keep enjoying!

  2. nnegandhi6.11.10

    Agree with PeterOinNJ. It doesn't matter how closely or loosely you're following canon (well, if you do something like pair up Casey and Sarah then the reaction won't be pretty). If you continue to write about the new adventures of Chuck/Sarah and the rest of the gang in the Fatesverse in your own original style then no one should be unhappy.

  3. :) I'm glad you guys think so, but I've got standards...granted, they're incredibly low (I like "Legally Blonde: the Musical"), but one of the things I've always been insistent about is that Fates run as close to parallel to the canon timeline as possible (which is why Ellie and Devon's hospital had so many "bomb patients" in chapter 19), with the big events happening in tandem. I'm very into the Butterfly Effect theory -- if I change this, how does that change everything else? -- while still believing that time is generally elastic, so it makes for some interesting theories. We may not see the events ourselves, but they're still happening. It's a point of geek pride, I suppose.


    Pair up Casey and Sarah? That sounds like an awful story and something I would NEVER wri--wait a second, what's that, Muse? Whoops, my bad.

  4. Anonymous7.11.10

    wow. i admit that i had no idea that you were trying to stay in synch with the canon events timeline, given the AU nature of the piece. kind of amazes me on a whole new level, to tell the truth. and put me in peter's and nneghandi's camp on supporting your choice to work with whatever timeline works best for fates.
    -- seaboji

  5. Ayefah7.11.10

    The fun thing about Cole Barker was that he took Chuck seriously as a field agent right away, and was utterly gracious pretty much the whole time he was also attempting to steal Chuck's fake girlfriend. :P I have no clue if Fates!Chuck will need that kind of confidence-boosting mentor by the time S2 rolls around in the timeline, but if he does, you could do worse than Barker.

    And don't think that I didn't notice you failed to mention "Undercover Lover" up there, Frea. There are totally ways to finagle Ilsa into the story. :D

  6. I didn't mention Undercover Lover? are you sure? :)

  7. nnegandhi7.11.10

    @Frea Yeah, funny. I'm really hoping you got that particular piece of evilness out of your system with "Perchance to Scream".


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