Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the First Fight

Tweet 1: Fun fact: every Monday when I live-tweet #Chuck I lose five followers and gain five others. Time for that roller coaster again! #Chuck407

Addendum: This is actually true. All of my music critic buddies are all like "Quit spamming me with network TV live-tweets" and I'm all like "n00b" and then do it anyway. Actually it isn't quite so badass as that, but let me have my moment.

Tweet 2: Fun fact #2: I dressed up as #Chuck for Halloween this year. #Chuck407

Addendum: This is also true. Although I look like a chipmunk storing acorns fort the winter because my cheeks are so chubby, I did don my Nerd Herd attire and go as Chuck Bartowski for Halloween this year. It was a good Halloween.

Hit the break for more witty irreverence!

Reply Tweet 1, from N_Reinoehl: another #fun fact, yvonne use that exact statement "fun fact" when commenting on ILY2!

Addendum: I had no idea that this was a true statement. You learn something new with which to stalk Yvonne Strahovski every day. Don't actually stalk Yvonne, men (and some ladies?). It will only bring to light our only barely concealed group obsession with her. Can we designate someone to be our official Yvonne spokesperson? They need to be able to speak with her in a calm manner, and not drool over her. I KNOW IT IS HARD BUT I THINK SOMEONE CAN DO IT.

Tweet 3: @N_Reinoehl Fun fact: She stole that from me. #NotTrueAtAll

Addendum: I take credit for things because my ego is so large that to think I may have stolen a good idea for someone would literally make my head explode. Please don't point out the similarities between Twist and Fates or Twist and Double Agent or Twist and College Years or...

Reply Tweet 2, from N_Reinoehl: that is awesome, hey maybe ill be included in your transcript on castle insanity..now that is awesome :)


Tweet 4: @N_Reinoehl You'll basically be a celebrity.

Addendum: Make this young woman feel like a celebrity, people! Some applause or something!

Tweet 5: #SararhConnorBitches #Chuck407

Addendum: Do I even really need to add anything?

Tweet 6: You never heard from her again because she had to save her son from the machines. #Chuck407

Addendum: That takes TIME people!

Tweet 7: Oh God. #MoreTerribleMorganAdvice #Chuck407

Addendum: At what point does Chuck actually glue Morgan's mouth shut? I think it's gotta be in, like, two or three more episodes, right?

Tweet 8: Stiletto stabbing is the best stabbing. #Chuck407

Addendum: Yes there is a scale. No I will not give it to you. That violates the stabbers code. Just know that Stiletto stabbing is #1 on that list. (It is a TERRIBLE LIST.)

Tweet 9: Is it weird that I was just jealous of Morgan? #YvonneStrahovskiDrool #Chuck407

Addendum: See this is what I'm talking about I could clearly not be the Chuck Fan Yvonne Spokesperson.

Tweet 10: Huhwhaaaaa? #Spittake #Chuck407

Addendum: That would only have been better if Chuck had a sip of water and then spit it out when she said "Oh well that is basically the truth now its time for you to die."

Tweet 11: No. Yes. Wait no. #OhChuck #Chuck407

Addendum: Wait okay maybe.

Tweet 12: Oh God Ellie is breaking. #Chuck407

Addendum: I honestly did not see this as a returning plot point because I am a dumb person.

Tweet 13: Why a wild horse specifically? #Chuck407

Addendum: I mean it seems as though a tame horse would work to a similar effect but what do I know.

Tweet 14: God damn that outfit is sick, Zachary Levi. #Chuck407

Addendum: Seriously I want that outfit. Give it to me.

Tweet 15: James Bond bitches! #Chuck407

Addendum: This will also become a recurring hashtag. Watch for it at your local supermarket.

Tweet 16: James Bond isn't field trained? #Hahaha #Chuck407

Addendum: Don't laugh at me. I didn't see this coming because I AM A DUMB PERSON.

Reply Tweet 3, from ladycat713: But he's so sweet! I think I prefer him this way.

Addendum: Okay someone else didn't get it either I'm not completely stupid. Phew.

Tweet 17: @ladycat713 Sweet James Bond? #DoesNotCompute #Ahhhhh #Chuck407

Addendum: I should have listened to my computer.

Tweet 18: My girlfriend: "This is such a dumb show, Chris." #IShouldBreakUpWithHerRight? #Chuck407

Addendum: OFF! OFF WITH HER HEAD! No wait no she's way to good for me let's rethink this.

Reply Tweet 4, from ladycat713: She blasphemes!

Addendum: She means well, though. Nobody is perfect.

Tweet 19: This is so mean. #Chuck407

Addendum: Making fun of ladies for being unattractive is mean, guys. Stop that.

Tweet 20: Latchkey James Bond. #Chuck407

Addendum: He probably did come from a broken home, though, right? I mean to turn into an angry super bad guy, you probably didn't have a whole lot of rabbit stew waiting for you when you got back from school.

Tweet 21: Um. Flash? #Chuck407

Addendum: Seriously Chuck what are you doing I really think you should-

Tweet 22: There we go. #Chuck407

Addendum: Hey all is right with the world!

Tweet 23: Why is accidental murder funny on this show? #vsTheFirstKill #Chuck407

Addendum: OR MAYBE IT WASNT AN ACCIDENT AT ALL> Think about that too much and it'll break your mind.

Reply Tweet 5, from ladycat713: It just is.

Addendum: Best answer.

Tweet 24: @ladycat713 I just can't help but laugh. #Chuck407

Addendum: Seriously it was like that dude in vs. the First Kill tripped on marbles it was so slapstick. They had a Jackass bit where the same thing happened, guys.

Tweet 25: Morgan/Mama B reunion is surprisingly emotional. #Chuck407

Addendum: I did not expect that but it seriously was. Maybe Linda Hamilton just adds auto-gravitas to everything?

Tweet 26: Pop culture junkie James Bond. #Chuck407

Addendum: He's not that into Undercovers, but he'll be damned if Lost wasn't his favorite show.

Tweet 27: Waking up in weird places is the best back-from-commercial transition in #Chuck history. #Chuck407

Addendum: Did anyone else notice this? It was kind of neat.

Tweet 28: Ewwwww incest. #Chuck407

Addendum: That was gross, James Bond. THAT WAS GROSS.

Tweet 29: So I seriously kinda wanna cry right now. #Chuck407


Reply Tweet 6, from N_Reinoehl: Me too!!!

Reply Tweet 7, from lightening__bug: You're not the only one

Reply Tweet 8, from ladycat713: ditto. I wanna know what was said though.

Addendum: *sniffle*

Tweet 30: I actually prefer that it wasn't.

Addendum: I do like it that they glossed over it, if only because it's not really NECESSARY to the progression of the plot, and it wouldn't have really ADDED any emotion to the scene (would have just slowed it down and killed the momentum, really). It was a good choice.

Reply Tweet 9, from ladycat713: I'm a curious cat, myself.

Addendum: I get that.

Tweet 31: The adorable quirks of Stephen J. Bartowski. #Chuck407

Addendum: Seriously it was good to hear Scott Bakula's voice again, even if it was just to read a cheesy letter.

Tweet 32: Loving the cuts to Sarah here. #Chuck407

Addendum: That was probably my favorite part of the scene, because it said so much without saying anything at all. Show don't tell! People forget about that but it can lend some beautiful inference that would only be ruined by words. Really well done.

Tweet 33: One of Chuck's best scenes, all-time. #Chuck407

Addendum: No question.

Tweet 34: Duh, Chuck. #Obvs #Chuck407

Addendum: Seriously you thought it was just a coincidental bank robbery, dude? WHAT IS THAT COMPUTER IN YOUR BRAIN DOING TO YOUR ACTUAL BRAIN MAN?!

Tweet 35: Casey that is a bad idea. #Chuck407

Addendum: Giving Morgan a gun is never good news.

Tweet 36: 6 for 7. #SarahWalkerManBeatings #Chuck407

Addendum: I am hoping she goes 23 for 24. That would be MVP material right there.

Tweet 37: Die-for-his-friend James Bond. #Chuck407

Addendum: And I was all like "Wait doesn't he have a multi-episode arc I don't get it." I AM SO DUMB YOU GUYS.

Tweet 38: Badass traitor James Bond. #Chuck407

Addendum: Finally it all clicked.

Reply Tweet 10, from ladycat713: ACCCKKKK!

Addendum: For both of us!

Tweet 39: Did she... Did she just erase the Intersect and lead Volkoff to Chuck? #BESTTWIST #Chuck407

Addendum: Anything that leaves my heroes in an unwinnable situation makes me cheer, so long as it isn't completely contrived. So, duh, I liked this. Freelz.

Tweet 40: Making the James Bond classic villain mistake James Bond. #Chuck407

Addendum: That would be the "not actually watching the other guy die" mistake. Was it an intentional callback or is Volkov actually a dumb Bond villain? TIME WILL TELL.

Tweet 41: Two weeks?! #Lamezorz #Chuck407

Addendum: No seriously that is lame. What do they have next week that's so important?

Final Thoughts: Two absolutely monstrous episodes in a row. I can get behind that. I think it's something about having to write for Linda Hamilton that must be getting the writers all fired up or something because seriously since she's showed up it's been nothing but good times. Like Sepinwall said, I am hoping for at least 27 more ambiguous "Is she a good guy or not?" moments before the end of the season.

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  1. Anonymous1.11.10

    "Ewwwww incest"

    You just know someone is gonna do a MamaB/Chuck fic now. And I'll probably end up reading it, because I'm a masochist


  2. Anonymous2.11.10

    Loved the Alias comment! The Alias episode he was talking about was freaking awesome too! That comment made this automatically my favorite of the season.

    The scene with Sarah watching Ellie and MamaB talk was one of the best scenes of the show ever. Very Touching.It fun to keep guessing if MamaB is good or not.

    This was a fantastic episode. I'm really glad they didn't draw out the fight and that it got resolved at the end.

  3. Emily2.11.10

    I love reading your commentary.

  4. Uhh, why can't i ever remember things? I loved Alias and yet I have no idea what episode was being referenced.

  5. @Malamoo - That would have to be a reference to the Season 2 episode "Phase One," the famous post-Superbowl episode that begins with Sydney on a plane.

    My favorite ep of Alias ever.

  6. Anonymous2.11.10

    to Malamoo,

    Good thing Alias is my favorite TV show of all time! It's the episode in season 2 called "Phase One"-aka the big game changer.

    It's the one where they find out that server 47 is on a 747 (server 47 is the only link to prove for certain that SD-6 is part of the Alliance) and Sydney goes undercover as an escort to the man watching over it. While she fights off a bunch of bad guys the door opens and she jumps out after procuring a parachute.

  7. Anonymous2.11.10

    Must have been typing that as you were mxpw.

    I'm partial to the Box 1 and 2 from season one myself though Phase one was still an excellent episode.

  8. Ayefah2.11.10

    Ha! I knew he was talking about "Phase One"! :D Now here's hoping that the ambiguity about Mama Bartowski doesn't get contrived to the point of idiocy the way Irina's did.

  9. ah, well now that you mention it i remember the episode. I dunno, a lot of Alias episodes kind of blend into one for me.

  10. Ayefah3.11.10

    "Phase One" was Alias' big post-Super Bowl episode, which they advertised throughout the game by showing Jennifer Garner in her lingerie holding a whip.

    So it was a bit of an event at the time. :)

  11. ladycat7133.11.10

    I knew he was the villian the minute he got shot because I'd read about the muti episode arc too. I preferred him sweet.

    Wasn't Shaw the dumb Bond villian ? Complete with exposition of his crimes in front of a concealed camera.

    I actually didn't watch Alias (I missed the beginning but I'm hoping to eventually get the box sets when they rerealease them cheap) . I'm wondering though if the Alias reference and the fact that an upcoming ep is called Phase Three is significant.

    Even though he had to know at some level that his mother was protecting at least one of her children(Ellie) because she cut him off by saying her husband , his father being talked about that way and being used by his mother to destroy his father's life work has got to be devastating.

  12. Holy shit Chris, you did add me in the blog, now I do feel special, and who knows if this leads to my fame, i will not forget this ;) Loved the recap! PS Alias is my all time fav show besides chuck of course or buffy :)

  13. Ayefah3.11.10

    Shaw was nowhere near flamboyant enough to be a Bond villain. Seriously, you're insulting some perfectly respectable hams by making that comparison. :)


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