Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the Leftovers

Tweet: #SarahConnorBitches #Chuck410

Addendum: Pretty sure any episode that lacks Linda Hamilton is an episode wasted.

Tweet: #JamesBondBitches #Chuck410

Addendum: Pretty sure any episode that lacks Timothy Dalton is an episode wasted. Wait. Let me rethink that, becuase last week didn't have either of them. Let's rephrase: Any episode that lacks Linda Hamilton and/or Timothy Dalton is an episode wasted, provided that said episode doesn't include oodles of SWP. Can we agree with that?

Want more idolizing of Linda Hamilton and Timothy Dalton? Just hit the jump.

Tweet: Volkoff WOULD listen to Mozart. #Chuck410

Addendum: Dude the Requiem Mass is badass. If I killed people all the time I am pretty sure that it's all that I'd listen to. So, basically, don't even let me watch the movie Amadeus.

Tweet: Strip kick sounds like the best idea ever. #EspeciallyToLadyGaga #Chuck410

Addendum: Can we get these classes into every gym in America? Even (ESPECIALLY) the ones on college campuses. What life needs is more girls who can kick your ass and also pole dance. And who also listen to Lady Gaga.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: so that's why they were casting the pole dance instructor? I thought it was ep 12? how often are you near a pole in a fight?

Addendum: Is anyone going to complain if the pole dance instructor is going to be in episode 12, too? Because I'm not. At all.

Tweet: Apparently ALWAYS. #Chuck410

Addendum: Light poles. Parking meters. Stand-up lamps. Very tall bar stools. Thin, yet sturdy trees.

Tweet: Hee. #TerminatorReferences #Chuck410

Addendum: I think they need to work in an Austrian-accented "I'll Be Bahck" into one of the next episodes.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: and by the right person this time instead of some smarmy Brit.

Addendum: Hey, some of my favorite people are smarmy Brits. (See: Daniel Radcliffe, Hugh Laurie, Colin Firth, Prince William, every member of Radiohead... you get the point.)

Tweet: Sarah pulling a Chuck. #LockingTheDoorFORYOUROWNGOOD #Chuck410

Addendum: Now what Sarah needs to do is run off to save Hannah from an imminently exploding building. #CoolGuysDontLookAtExplosions #RememberHannah? #GoddamnitChrisStopUsingHashtags

Tweet: Pretty sure this gets people fired, Jeffster. #Chuck410

Addendum: But seriously I would probably do the same thing for Monet Mazur.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: and arrested.

Addendum: Still worth it for Monet Mazur.

Tweet: So... He Sent Ellie the Intersect? #Chuck410

Addendum: Does that not make sense to anyone else? The answer to that riddle is yes. In fact, it doesn't make sense to anyone. Pretty sure I have to default to @sepinwall on this one.

Tweet: IT IS BINARY GAIS. #Chuck410

Addendum: Okay so I was wrong. That's the FIRST TIME THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED.

Tweet: Why are Victoria's Secret models so evil? #Chuck410

Addendum: This episode. Also Chuck vs. the Suitcase. Also Heidi Klum.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: wouldn't you be if you had to spend so much time in your underwear in front of people?

Addendum: I saw a commercial for the Victoria's Secret Runway special and they pamper the hell out of those women. Also, only one out of every 1,000 Victoria's Secret models are English speakers. I have no problem with this, but I find it statistically interesting. Are foreign women really that much hotter than American women? Hell, they couldn't even find an American woman to actually play Sarah Walker, so I guess so?

Tweet: If I was in that good of shape I'd be happy ALL THE TIME. #AlsoWouldStareAtMyselfInTheMirror

Addendum: So, since you're a lesbian, do you just look at yourself at the mirror all the time? NAME THAT REFERENCE FOR FIFTEEN POINTS.

Tweet: Employee of the Month comes back to haunt him! #OhCurseEfficiency #Chuck410

Addendum: I didn't even realize that his real last name would be on there. But then, I don't pay a whole lot of attention.

Tweet: Second move: Kill all everything else. #Chuck410

Addendum: Third move: Curse the fact that you killed the assets you needed. THIS WAS SUCH A SHORT SIGHTED PLAN>

Tweet: Hipster hackers. #Chuck410

Addendum: Hipsters make the best hackers I guess? If Chuck and this guy are any indication.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: with thenerdmachine logo on his computer. BTW have they forgotten Chuck's computer skills.

Addendum: The Nerd Machine has all of two products and yet it's showing up EVERYWHERE. Hell, Dwayne Wade had the Nerd shirt on. That shit is amazing.

Tweet: Short answer? Yes

Addendum: They forget SO MUCH about EVERYTHING.

Tweet: That was kind of creepy. #Chuck410

Addendum: Seriously what about that wasn't super creepy?

Tweet: Volkoff is like Bizarro Chuck. #WillDoAnythingForLove #ButChuckWontDoThat #MeatloafReferences #Chuck410

Addendum: Some nights you breathe fire, Alexi. And some nights you're carved in ice. Or Frost, I guess?

Tweet: Morgan only survives through sheer idiocy. #Forever #Chuck410

Addendum: Shot at? He'll trip and fall down a hole as he tries to charge the guy. Stabbed? He will try to patch himself up, get entangled in the twine, staunch the bloodflow, get caught by a passing ambulance, and go to the hospital.

Tweet: Morgan is a goddamn cartoon character. #Thumbtacks #Chuck410

Addendum: Bugs Bunny? Stepped on thumbtacks. Sylvester the cat? Stepped on thumbtacks. He-man? Stepped on thumbtacks. Wait what.

Reply Tweet: i thought he was john mcclane

Addendum: Has Morgan ever wrecked a helicopter with a car? I don't think so.

Tweet: That explosive is literally a lit up soccer ball. #BudgetCuts #Chuck410

Addendum: David Beckham would be a weapon of mass destruction in this universe.

Tweet: Really? #Really #Chuck410

Addendum: Really? Really. Really? Really. ......Really?

Tweet: Oh God. #Chuck410

Addendum: What good could come of this, I dramatically ask the heavens?!

Tweet: Worst Thanksgiving ever. #Chuck410 #AlsoWorstFamilialKissEver

Addendum: #ComicBookGuyVoice

Tweet: Lots of these S4 episodes feel like two half-hour episodes slammed together. #NewWriters #Chuck410

Addendum: Would these episodes be better at a half hour? I don't know. Maybe. It's an interesting question, at least.

Tweet: Awkwaaaard. #Chuck410

Addendum: And welcome to the portion of the show where Zac Levi experiments as a director for no real reason.



Tweet: EVIL CHARADES. #Chuck410


Tweet: That was... Actually intense? #Chuck410

Addendum: It was silly and over the top and ridiculous but I still enjoyed the hell out of it. Is that weird? It feels weird.


Addendum: I will never love you unless you give me ONE MILLION DOLLARS> BWAHAHAHA>

Tweet: Can we just say it? #BestChuckVillain #Chuck410

Addendum: Tommy had so much potential but they killed him off so quickly! That was super disappointing. Still, even if they had given him his due, I think Dalton would have blown him out of the water.

Reply tweet, from __Deb: Totally agreed.

Reply tweet, from N_Reinhoel: Does it need to be said?! Like from the "duh files" -AB

Addendum: Volkoff has won over the fan base. Kind of. In that everyone hates him. But they're supposed to hate him. So it makes sense? Okay, I still wish he would just hang out in the back of sheep trucks.

Tweet: Girlfriend: "I don't hate this show, I just think the storyline is kind of dumb sometimes." #Chuck410

Addendum: It's true, but I actually like the show more when it's a silly storyline contrasted with the characters I love. Is that weird? Okay, fine, it's weird. Don't care.

Tweet: @ladycat713 Hahahha you ended up being right. #YippeKaiYay #Chuck410

Addendum: Morgan is a fly in the ointment, a monkey in the wrench, a pain in the-- Okay, whatever, you get it.

Tweet: Devon laying down the god damn law. #Chuck410

Addendum: Seriously that was totally badass. STOP IT CHUCK. YOU ARE BEING A DICK.

Tweet: I'm back, baby! #Intersect #Chuck410

Addendum: I officially hate all you people who wanted Chuck to lose the Intersect forever. Okay I don't really hate you, but still. No Intersect? Lamezorz.

Final Thoughts: Talked with some people who thought this episode was dumb. I don't know if I can necessarily disagree, but I just loved this epsode anyone. Can't help it. Agree? Disagree? Want to talk about how hilarious I am? Do so in the comments.


  1. OH! I KNOW THE LESBIAN REF! It's from Chasing Amy, amirite?!

  2. Ayefah29.11.10

    It was a pretty dumb episode because it felt like the team was being dumb. Who puts Chuck in charge of threat-making when you have Casey and Sarah? Who puts Casey in charge of tech when you have Chuck?

    Except wait, Chuck is only good with computers on alternate Tuesdays during oyster season. How could I forget?

    Yes, Timothy Dalton is brilliant, and everything Awesome did was perfectly Awesome, and the charades scene worked some great tonal fuckery. But I hate that Chuck got the Intersect back this soon and this easily, and they'd better friggin' explain why Orion made the laptop a puzzle that only Chuck and Ellie together could solve. If there was another episode coming next week I might have been a bit less disappointed, but this is what we have to go on until January? Really?

  3. Anonymous30.11.10

    ArmySFC said

    I think this was one of the best this season. It had something most episodes lack, tension. It had me wondering all during the dinner scene if a fight would break out, would this be when Chuck tells Ellie? would one of them have to leave to protect the other? Dalton as a crazed lunatic was fantastic.

    @ Ayefah i agree with the ass backwards bits with Casey and Chuck. Chuck getting intersect back so soon? Here's some information that may explain it. Since 3.09 there have been 21 episodes aired. In 9 of the episodes the intersect has either not worked or did not function correctly. that's over 40% of the shows. What's the tag of the show? guy with the intersect in his head.

    The lap top? Easy, Orion wanted to make sure it would only help his family. Not anyone that may stumble onto it. So what better way than to use clues that only his kids would know.

    Why they left it as it was? The last time the show left a big cliff hanger the ratings dropped by a lot and they lost something like 2.2 million viewers. Most fans do lot like cliff hangers. Plus they needed to wrap up certain things and leave the minor was to hang on. They need to keep as many fans as they can and attract new ones. Starting after the break they can now do that with an almost clean slate so new viewers won't be lost.


  4. Ayefah30.11.10

    1. Your use of 3.09 as a cutoff point is arbitrary.

    2. "Guy with the Intersect in his head" != "Intersect with meat puppet", and I wanted those priorities re-established before the Intersect came back.

    3. My question wasn't why Orion would do something as painfully obvious as encrypting a computer that contained some sort of Intersect program. My question was why he keyed it to both Chuck and Ellie. Why not just Chuck? Ellie was a civilian and didn't want to be involved in any of this, as Papa Bartowski well knew.

    4. I assign no validity to any statement someone makes about what "most fans" purportedly think. If the writers feared cliffhangers so much they wouldn't have ended the past four or so episodes with them.

    5. And I wasn't complaining about the lack of a cliffhanger anyway. I was complaining that this episode was a bit lame and the fact that I have nothing to look forward to next week makes it lamer in my mind - instead of holding my interest and making me look forward to what would come next, it resolved two of the show's best ongoing storylines with a fart instead of a bang. That's not how you end before a long break.

    I'm happy to genially disagree with you on the quality of this episode, but please don't lecture me on what "the fans" think or what the show's "tag" is. No fan's opinion rises to the level of objective utilitarian fact.

  5. Anonymous30.11.10

    The point of Orion making an intersect that takes both Ellie (first) then Chuck to get working is simple. Orion knew the intersect causes mental issues, even with the govenor which is only a temporary fix. Ellie solved her dads riddle with her portion of the puzzle and her medical knowlege with the scans. Now that Ellie did her part, now the intersect should work for Chuck without the harmfull side effects.



  6. I'm ending this discussion, because ya'll are being dicks.

  7. Hm, as much as I don't agree with Chris's "y'all are being dicks" sentiment, he's right in the fact that let's keep comments limited to talking about the tweetup and reactions to it, maybe? You can bring all rants over to the mxpw vs. Frea thread. You'll be right at home, I promise.

    Amusing write-up, Chris.



  8. Alaster30.11.10

    So a commendable effort it is to Live Tweet. I've always wondered if it doesn't bother you doing it. It seems like you might miss some parts of the show when you Live Tweet.

    I found your tweets funny though and please continue the Hash tags, they make your tweets that much funnier. So, this episode taught me two things. (1)My girlfriend may tolerate me gushing about Sarah(Yvonne), but bring Monet Mazur and say "She's hot" is cause for a slap behind the head and a pointed look. (2)Watching Chuck hit a guy from a lesson from his pole class is not sufficient enough of a reason to suggest joining it as a couple (especially when the only two guys at the class was Chuck and Morgan).

    BTW, no tweet to Sarah's reaction about Chuck taking the class?


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