Instant Reaction: Chuck vs Phase Three

Tweet: I'd be more excited about #Chuck409 if my heat worked. #Truth

Addendum: My heat doesn't work. This is seriously distressing now that it is almost below zero here. At least my apartment is well insulated. BUT SEMI-PRO TWEETERS MUST PERSERVERE>

Tweet: #SaranConnerBitches #Chuck409

Addendum: Frea is right (isn't she always?). Every episode of Chuck this season needs to start with a tip of the TwitterCap to Linda Hamilton. By the way, the TwitterCap is kind of like the Winged Flying Hat in Super Mario Brothers, only it's on the Internet and doesn't actually make you fly. So, um, it's not really like that hat at all. They're both red? They both have wings vaguely involved?

Hey, I'm going to try to continue being funny after the jump!

Tweet: SWP #ThatIsAll #Chuck409

Addendum: Does anyone else do this thing whenever they see Yvonne Strahovski in lingerie where all semblance of coherant thought and speech disappears and you turn into a puddle of warm goo? I WILL FLASH FOR YOU SARAH OKAY?!

Tweet: Second Cialis reference in 0as many episodes? #AndByJeffster? #OhGod #Chuck409

Addendum: What Chuck needs more of is boners. Obvs.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Maybe they're a new sponsor.

Addendum: This week's Chuck, brought to you by old guys who wish they could be aroused by Sarah Walker in lingerie but are curiously unable? Okay I just puked a bit in my own mouth. Sorry, guys.

Tweet: @ladycat713 One can only hope. #IMeanTheExactOppositeOfWhatISay #Chuck409

Addendum: I... I think my stomach is okay from that last image, you guy-*BLEAAAH* Oh, God I don't remember eating tha-*BLEAAAH*

Tweet: Nothing makes ME more anxious than Sarah Walker. #Chuck409

Addendum: Look, if you had that I am pretty sure you would worry about losing it at any conceivable moment. THIS IS A TOTALLY NORMAL REACTION IT HAPPENS TO GUYS ALL THE TIME.

Tweet: She's fed up and she's not gonna take it anymore! #AdorablePsychoCountdown #Chuck409

Addendum: That reference is so old that I don't even know the source material. Can anyone educate me? Also I seriously felt like putting a timer from that scene to Sarah's inevitable snapping. ADORABLE PSYCHO LIKE CLOCKWORK.

Tweet: Automatic carpet? #AladdinWishesHeHadThat #Chuck409

Addendum: Seriously if the Magic Carpet had had those kind of remote control abilities the whole thing with Jafar would have been over in seconds.

Reply Tweet, from azdisciplenc: Yes, @racecarbrown, an automatic carpet in which they just kidnapped a foreign diplomat. BIG NO NO.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: I want one for when unwanted relatives visit.

Addendum: Visual gags are visual. CLAP IF YOU REMEMBER THAT MEME GUYS.

Tweet: @azdisiplenc I dunno, I am pretty sure I approve of carpet kidnappings. #BestKindOfKidnapping #Chuck409

Addendum: Actually Sarah Walker kidnappings are better than carpet kidnappings. But Sarah Walker carpet kidnappings? Boy, it don't get much better than that.

Tweet: @ladycat713 There are wanted relative visits? #IObviously Hate Everyone

Addendum: Oh God my mom is coming over and she's going to do all sorts of annoying things like make me food and buy me stuff. What a bore.

Tweet: Yvonne Strahovski does kind of look like hot Uma Thurman #KillBill #Chuck409

Addendum: OPEN LETTER TO HOLLYWOOD EXECUTIVES: Dear Hollywood Executives, Uman Thurman is not actually attractive. Her face looks like a broken nose. Yes. The whole thing. Sincerely, People With Eyes.

Tweet: You're acting like an Adorable Psycho. #WhatCaseyShouldHaveSaid #Chuck409

Addendum: We even got the closest to plowing we're going to get on network TV this episode.

Tweet: Ellie is so over Expectant Dad Devon. #Chuck409


Tweet: Chuck becomes more like River Tam every episode. #FireChuck #ChuckerFly #Chuck409

Addendum: Which makes Casey Jayne, of course. And Sarah is...um... Mal? #MetaphorsFallApart


Addendum: Seriously why is it when Jeff does that to a girl's underwear it's "creepy" and "worthy of a restraining order" but when Sarah does it to Chuck's shirt it's "adorable" and "totally squee worthy"? THIS IS SEXISM> (No it's not.)

Tweet: Wait. Chuck was planning on proposing? #HeShouldHaveToldMeAboutThis #Chuck409

Addendum: Seriously I fully expected to know about this before he came up with any Delorean plans.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Chuck had a proposal plan the way girls have a wedding plan and keep updating it. I myself have a house plan - but no money.

Addendum: I have a house plan the same way Chuck has a five-year plan. AKA it's a total and complete lie.

Tweet: @ladycat713 That doesn't excuse him leaving me out of the planning process. I had GREAT ideas. #OneHadAHelicopter #Chuck409

Addendum: There was also an instance with a giant vat of sugar plum pudding but that's only if it's around ChristmaaaaOH GOD WE CAN DO IT>

Reply Tweet, from azdisciplenc: What do you think, does this mean Casey was in on it, too?

Addendum: Because Twitter failed me, I had NO IDEA what this was referring to. Also because I am kind of dumb I guess.

Tweet: @azdisciplenc Casey is in on anything that ends in violence.

Addendum: Like, if there's a bazooka or a crowbar or a bottle cap.

Reply Tweet, from azdisciplenc: The "in on it" I was referring to was the proposal plan, since he seemed to know exactly what Morgan was talking about.

Addendum: *facepalm* I'm so dumb you guys.

Tweet: @azdisciplenc I stand by my assessment.

Addendum: Because, c'mon, this is Chuck. There will be some sort of violence ensuing during his proposal debacle.

Tweet: Well, it DOES have a pulse. That's weird. #DevonsInternalMonologue #Chuck409

Addendum: I also seem to detect an irregular heartbeat? Some odd bowel sounds in the third quadrant, too. (My girlfriend is a nurse, guys)

Tweet: Oh hey it's a callback to season 2! #TheWritersActuallyWATCHTheShow? #Chuck409

Addendum: Next thing you know we're going to have gradual, intelligent character development. ITS MADNESS I SAY>

Tweet: I do! #YesEvenIfItMeansAssKickings #Chuck409

Addendum: Seriously anything to get that woman to touch me.

Tweet: MIDGETS. #AlwaysFunny #Chuck409

Addendum: Next on TLC: The life story of that midget who was in one episode on Chuck. (The joke is that TLC loves midgets)

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Referring to Sarah as a giant blonde shemale is even funnier. Of course she looks more like Sonya Blade.

Addendum: Maybe the single most inexplicable (and funny because of it) joke of the season. OH GOD ITS THE SHEMALE *everyone scatters*.

Tweet: MORTAL KOMBAT! #BumBumBumBumDumBum #Chuck409

Addendum: Nobody will believe me but I seriously wrote that tweet before reading the Sonya Blade reference. I AM BEING HONEST OKAY>

Tweet: Sand in the eyes! #ClassicHeelMove #Wrestling #Chuck409

Addendum: I AM the WWE. And if you don't like it, Reno, Nevada, you can kiss my ass. DEGENERATION X>

Tweet: Mr. Casey me love you long time. #WhereTheyWantedToGoWithThatLine #Chuck409

Addendum: Seriously how often does Casey go to Thailand?

Tweet: SWP: The sequel. #Chuck409

Addendum: Wet. Sarah. Walker. #PunNOTIntendedGuys

Tweet: Hospital gown breakout! #EmbarassingButEffective #DoubleEntendreOfEmbarrassing #Chuck409

Addendum: Embarrassing. EmBareAssIng. DYA GET IT?

Tweet: Critical hit on that table. #Chuck409

Addendum: ONE HIT KILL> #ItWouldBeAHeadShotButItsFurnitureSoItHasNoHead

Tweet: Anticlimactic Ellie spy reveal. #Chuck409

Addendum: This should have been a dead giveaway but I am not smart.

Tweet: Fake escape. #ActuallyDidntSeeThatComing #Chuck409

Addendum: I am not good at this "Seeing relatively obvious twists before they hit" thing.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: @racecarbrown I didn't see it either. I so wanted Chuck to at least halfway escape on his own.

Addendum: A Chuck who can do things on his own? INCONCIEVABLE> Yeah that's right, I knocked out a Princess Bride reference. I tried to do that at a comedy open mic night tonight and nobody understood the reference. They also didn't get my references to the Muppet Show or the Zapruder film. I felt old.

Tweet: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Chuck. #Chuck409

Addendum: I should have gone with Eternal ChuckShine of the Spotless Mind. Or Eternal SunChuck of the Chuckless Chuck. I'm sorry for failing you like this, everyone.

Tweet: The Magnet or the Mag 11? #PrettySureMag11Wins #Chuck409

Addendum: WORDPLAY> (That is all.)

Tweet: Much better mental breakdown than Aisle of Terror, btw. #DoingLotWIthALittle

Addendum: How creepy can you be with a few flat screen TVs? Uh, apparently really f'ing creepy.

Tweet: Morgan as Alpha? #Dollhouse #Chuck409

Addendum: I would like to officially enter "The Stoner Gambit" into the TV writing lexicon. This is where your non-stoner character pretends to be a stoner to help himself and others gain access to an otherwise restricted area. If it worked for Joss Whedon and Josh Gomez, it can work for you I guess?

Tweet: Swamp Sarah. #Chuck409

Addendum: Swamp. Sarah.

Tweet: Chuck vs. the Abandonment Issues. #Chuck409

Addendum: Seriously I'm not surprised this dude is worried about everyone leaving him because LOOK AT WHAT HIS MOM AND DAD DID. I am pretty sure you get messed up from that stuff.

Tweet: Sarah vs. the Abandonment Issues. #SEEWHATIDIDTHAR? #Chuck409

Addendum: Because they're both going through the same issue but for different reasons? No? Okay I'll stop.

Tweet: He really does need to call you that, Awesome. #MostlyCuzItsTrue #Chuck409


Tweet: Back to not being a psychotic crazy-face. #Chuck409

Addendum: But we liked her SO MUCH as a psychotic crazy-face. Yes we are a weird fandom but this is true. I should know. I don't write Sarah and my story gets significantly less pub because of it.

Tweet: Chuck proposes as of #Chuck413. #BetOnIt #Chuck409

Addendum: Anyone want to place bets on this? I'll give you 10 to 1 odds on any other episodes. I'm putting all my money on 13.

Tweet: #OMG #Chuck409

Addendum: Hey. Hey. Hey. If you're ending an episode on a cliffhanger, and that cliffhanger is just one character saying "Oh my God" yur not doin' it right.

Tweet: I still don't know how next episode is supposed to work, guys. #Chuck409

Addendum: My guess is that it'll be convoluted and semi-incomprehensible. I will give 10 to 1 odds on anything else on that, too. #IAmNowABookieIGuess?

Final Thought: This episode, it was pretty fun. It wasn't spectacular and I was kind of bothered that, despite Chuck being captured and Sarah being alone, I never really felt that the characters were in real DANGER. But I suppose that's what you get from a show that's trying to be so many things at once. A solid episode overall, and one that included a decent amount of SWP, so it gets bumped up a litle bit, obvs.

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  1. ladycat71322.11.10

    The reference material for I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore is the film Network , made in 1976 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Network_(film)

    I thought it was interesting that Casey said she was turning back into pre Chuck sarah and that he didn't like pre Chuck Sarah. In the pilot it was clear that they coudn't stand each other. Now look at them.

    And did Morgan bring that outfit because he thought that he might need a stoner disguise or is that really part of his wardobe somehow.

  2. Anonymous23.11.10

    Oh come one. No one would say no to this



  3. Ayefah23.11.10

    Is it just me, or did Strahovski have to step onto a box when Sarah kissed Chuck in the last dream? It just seemed kind of lolsome after all the "giant blond shemale" talk .

  4. Anonymous23.11.10

    I personally really enjoyed this episode. Thought it was fantastic!

  5. > I never really felt that the characters were in real DANGER.

    Me neither. It's Chuck after all. However I spent most of the episode thinking, please, please, please don't have Chuck with the amnesia problem at the end of the episode. I was having Lois & Clark flashbacks. The last thing we need right now is two or three episodes in which Chuck thinks he still is dating Jill, is buddies with Bryce, and knows nothing of the spy world. It might work for fanfiction, but that trope it really annoying on TV.

  6. Anonymous23.11.10

    Or they could have made Chuck forget everything except Sarah :P
    Loved the episode.


  7. @MyNameIsJeffNImLost I so agree. the fact that there was no "Other shoe" made the episode so much better. Theres no scrambled memory and the like.

  8. Sparky23.11.10

    I was actually worried about Chuck and a possible memory loss.

  9. JohnClark23.11.10

    Did anyone else watch Ellie's final scene and think oh dear god don't tell me shes getting an intersect upload? How crazy would that be? Hormonal/Pregnant/intersect combo? Kinda makes Adorable Psycho seem tame. Or maybe its somehome going to get transported into the baby?

  10. Ayefah23.11.10

    Two big reasons I'm thinking it wasn't an Intersect:

    -Ellie seemed to recognize what she was looking at, at least enough to say "Oh my god" in reaction to it. If it was an Intersect she'd just be staring.

    -Awesome was looking, too, and good Intersect absorption isn't known to a be a quality that extends to Bartowski in-laws. :)


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