Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank AP Almighty....

Frea here. So I'm out of the closet, and I was not beaten to death with my keyboard. I probably wouldn't have survived the ordeal except that I keep the back-up Dr. Pepper in the same closet. Not gonna lie: it was touch and go for awhile until I remembered that. And then I had to wait for the marathon plowin' session to end before AP would negotiate terms for my release.

BUT, dear readers, I am proud to say that I am now out of the closet because I promised to pay a lot closer attention to the Adorable Psycho's sex life.

And trust me, I know exactly how that sounds.

But hey, to celebrate my release, how's about a taste of what's to come next week, hmm?

An Excerpt from Chapter 43 of What Fates Impose

Andy Kohlmeier turned, drawing Chuck’s attention away from the other two. “So, how’s the software game? I have to say, I miss it. I moved into consulting about ten years back, and every once in awhile, I still miss those all-night coding sessions.”

“Consider me jealous. I would like to miss more of those,” Chuck said. “I got less sleep during my final semester at Stanford in my senior C++ seminar than I ever have in my life. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw code.”

Kohlmeier laughed, and the sound was rich and inviting, almost infectious. “Everything’s built on framework now. Makes me nostalgic for the old-school days.”

“Old-school? I’ll give you old-school. My roommate at Stanford and I coded an entire Zork game from the bottom-up on an old TRS-Eighty.”

“What, there wasn’t a DEC PDP-Ten available?”

“Well,” Chuck said, shuffling his feet in an “aw shucks” sort of way, “we didn’t want to seem pretentious.”

This time, Kohlmeier’s laugh made Faulkner look away from Sarah and over at them. “What?” the Swiss national asked, and Chuck learned something new about their target: he didn’t like to be left out of a joke.

“Geek shop-talk, boss,” Kohlmeier said, clapping Faulkner on the shoulder, and Chuck blinked at Sarah to see a brief look of annoyance flit over her face. What had he done now? He gave her a puzzled look, but she gave a minute shake of her head: not now. “Just reliving our glory days, which are farther behind for some of us than others here.”

“I thought you were only twenty-nine?” Chuck asked innocently.

When Andy Kohlmeier gave a genuine belly-laugh, Chuck grinned and sipped his wine. It was hard to imagine that this man would be involved in a secret government conspiracy, though he could suspect Piers Faulkner in a second. Something about the older man just struck him as off.

The nerdery!  It's just leaping off the page!




  1. Anonymous10.11.10

    I'm sure Sarah was just looking for Florence Henderson

    "Excuse me, I speak Nerd"

  2. Anonymous10.11.10

    And by Florence Henderson, I mean Barbara Billingsley of course

  3. Ayefah10.11.10

    C++. *shudder* Oh dear lord. The only thing less fun that that was plain old C. (Yes, I took a class in actual C. No, I have no idea why my high school would offer such a thing as a beginner's programming class in 2002, but there it was.)

    Are we really getting a "Chuck and Sarah dress in formalwear for an evildoer's party" scene? Finally! It'll let Sarah engage in her hobby of adjusting Chuck's tie as an excuse to feel him up. :)

  4. Chapter 43 is action packed and it's hilarious. Funniest chapter of Fates since...well, I don't remember. What was the last funny chapter of Fates, guys?

    Also, it's nice to see Frea finally admit to coming out of the closet. After all her talk about Olivia Dunham/Anna Torv, it was a foregone conclusion anyway.


  5. Anonymous10.11.10

    Hey, MXPW, Hows about you finish AP vs The 9 Months...so we can gets more plowin' with AP and Chuck from the twisted brain of Wepdiggy? Maybe even an AP story from Frea as well....dare we hope for more? Please....I've read my copy of the Ebook so many times that the pages are starting to come loose from the binding. ;)

    - JS Fan

  6. Anonymous10.11.10

    Oh and Frea,
    Thank you very much for the Fates update and the wonderful new edition to the Fates Universe that is Fortune Favors Fools!!!! Excellent work!!!!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    - JS Fan

  7. I'm going to guess JS Fan maybe liked Fortune Favors Fools. A little. Not sure why I think that, though...


    Heh, Ayefah, the only time Sarah adjusts Chuck's tie in this next chapter, it's...not the way you'd think.

  8. Ayefah10.11.10

    Ooh, kinky.

  9. If it's kinky, then it's definitely the way I think.

    @JS Fan - If I were you, I'd keep an eye out on FF over the next day or two. Just sayin'.

  10. Anonymous11.11.10

    Hey, where can I get me one of those DND door hangers? I'm thinking someone could make a mint selling those. You could market them to hotels/motels that charge by the hour. :)


  11. Anonymous12.11.10

    Don't know if it was just my little corner of the nerd-verse, but back in the day, we referred to the TRS-80 as the 'trash-eighty', not in any way disparagingly, but simply because we were too lazy to say 'tee are ess.'

    As always, Frea, we are mere virtual squirrels in your world, waiting with bated breath for each chapter-nut from you. :)


  12. Anonymous13.11.10

    Frea, why torture us so? I come back here, after many long and boring days of studying for my exam on genetic, and what do I find? This intriguing tidbits of the next chapter, only to look at the progress bar to see 100% and a posting date that seems so far away ;). Thanks god for Fortune or else I might not have recovered. I am in love with Fortune by the way. I just love it.

    Still, thank you for that little taste of what's to come. You are such cruel and yet kind Master.



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