Reader Beware: Justin's got a brand new blog!

Okay, my little ferrets, this is Daddy Liam, here to tell you how it is. Few days ago, Uncle Maximus gave me a talkin’ to. Either I get off my lazy ass and contribute something or get shipped off to blog-Siberia along with Petey, aka Chuckster3185. For those who don’t recall Petey, he was an original member of the Castle Inanity blog before he displeased Mistress Frea. Something about not showing the appropriate amount of due deference or whatever. I’m too pretty to worry myself over management decisions.

In all seriousness, what we’re talking about are the first stages of a Castle Inanity “rebranding”, so to speak. Or so I’m told, anyway. Uncle Maxy and Aunt Frea are my bosses and tell me only what I need to know. And again, too pretty to worry about management stuff. Anywho, it did make me realize there really isn’t an excuse for me to not contribute more. So, I’m planning to do it.

Thing is, fanfic ain’t my bag anymore. Granted, I do have a mini-serial I plan on posting next month, maybe a few other bits, but beyond that, not really. So, I figure I’ll talk about things I like and have some sort of knowledge on. Screenwriting, horror and sci-fi literature, and horror and sci-fi in general. Who knows, maybe it’ll spark something in me to do more and better.

I hope to talk to you about screenwriting. It’s a wonderful mode of writing and I actually do have resources for those interested. Plus, I can talk about my greatest genre passions, horror and science fiction. And who knows, maybe I’ll do movie and book reviews. Show off some of my original stuff. I guess in cyberspace, you’re only limited by a faulty wi-fi connection.

So, for my first post, I’ll give an introduction to screenwriting. Plus, I may do a review of a very excellent horror movie and say why it can be an amazing study guide for those with the same interest as me.

But anyway, that won’t be until Sunday. Bear in mind, I’m completely winging this, so hold tight. Daddy Liam’s gonna take us for a ride. Just be sure to go potty first. I swear, if I have to pull over...


  1. Jordan16.11.10

    Oh, that's awesome news! I've been looking into screenwriting lately and was thinking about taking a class on it next semester, but my schedule's packed thanks to having to take a macro-econcomics course. This just makes having to deal with that even better! Are you going to use examples from scripts and the like?

  2. Hello, Jordan. And to answer your question, yes I am. Now this first segment I'm gonna post on Sunday will largely deal with the differences between traditional prose (such as novels or fanfiction) and screenwriting. Not only in regards to their objectives and narratives, but also formatting and handy resources you can use to guide you in your journey. In that course, yes, I'll will be using examples from published scripts and maybe even show snippets from my own. As an aspiring screenwriter (and a self taught one), I hope to impart a little knowledge.

  3. This is fantastic, I've tried writing a few spec and original scripts recently, but I'm still not sure on the do's and don't's of script writing. I look forward to reading your post.


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