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So this probably won't be happening anytime soon, since I'm still very busy with school, but my video editing bug is starting to eat away at me again. At first I thought I'd try my hand at another Sarah Walker-esque video—a Sexy Bitch: Part Two, if you will—but decided to hold off on that for a bit longer, maybe until the fourth season is over and I've got more footage to work with. (Cue groans of complaint from the majority of the male population, lead by mxpw.)

Anyways, I just came across this song on Youtube:

I am now seriously considering making a completely over-the-top Chuck/TeamB promo using this song. Thoughts? Other song suggestions? I'm open to any opinions at this point, since I have about a month or so to mull things over before Winter Break comes along. Would love to hear anything you guys have to say. :)


  1. I support using this song for a Chuck video. It's awesomely appropriate. You could even do a montage of cool entrances as the beginning plays.

    Of course, I would also support a Sexy Bitch Part Two: The SWP Returns. Either one works for me.

  2. May I request a Sexy Bitch Part II or III but with Anna Torv? What? I think we all know my preferences here.


    Great song. Full speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes, I say.

  3. Anonymous13.11.10

    As if I didn't have enough reason to wish for the Winter break. That video sounds awesome to me. There aren't enough good Team B. vid out there and yours are always the best.

    There are not enough Sarah Walker centric video either though. Then, again she is the reason I am obsess with Chuck, so of course I would think that. I'm a psychology student, Sarah and her childhood issues are like cat nip to me. So feel free to do as many Sexy Bitch sequels as you wish. I mean why limit yourself to 2 really? What's that? Because you have a life outside of making vids. Ok, fine. I'll take what you give us and I'll like it ;)!

    Frea, for your own safety I feel I must warn you. You should not publicize your obvious preference for Olivia with the Adorable Psycho running around here. You are a brunette. This is like suicide. You might want to check on your supply of Dr Pepper, just to be safe.


  4. Yes! Do use this for a Team B video - the last one you did with the Cookie Crumbles song was awesome, and one of my favourite Chuck videos.

    It would be awesome if you could get in some fight scenes, some of not only Casey and Sarah being badass, but this time some of Chuck too. I know the Cookie Crumbles Team B video worked it's way from s1 to the end of s2, but since then Chuck has had the intersect 2.0. Perhaps some of his spy journey to where we are now, as he's just 'lost' the 2.0?

    May I make a request? No Hannah, and no wood, unless said wood is acting as a villain. I don't mind wooden villains.

    Look forward to seeing it, this soundtrack is great!

  5. Can you make a Chuck video to the soundtrack to the new Kanye West album? Yes. The whole thing. THE GAUNTLET HAS BEEN THROWN>

  6. Thanks for all the feedback, guys! I've already cut the song, hopefully I can start working on it when we start Thanksgiving Break this weekend. :)

    mxpw: Haha, the entrances are exactly what I've got in mind. But yes, one of these days, mx, I promise. You shall get your SWP again. Now, if you could just find me a good song to make it to...

    Frea: Sure...I just have to start WATCHING Fringe, first. *facepalm* Still haven't been able to watch past the pilot yet. :P

    Lily: Thank you! :) And haha, yeah, we do need more Sarah-centric videos out there. They seem to garner the most attention, at least. (No surprise there, of course.)

    Becca: Haha, the video with the Cookie Crumbles song was actually the first Chuck video I made. I've actually made a few more since then with clips from Season 3. But yes, no worries, definitely no Hannah or Wood. Well, I put Wood in one video, but of course it was the scenes where Chuck knocked him out, shot him, or beat him up. Because those scenes will never get old. ;)

    Chris: I'mma let you finish, Chris, but—oh, wow, this new album is...interesting. *Youtubes more tracks*

  7. Anonymous15.11.10

    I gotta say Frea I never understood the Anna Torv fixation, I mean yea sometimes she looks like Tricia Helfer and other times she looks like Blake Lively's slightly less attractive but still hot older sister. But for the most part she looks like Cate Blanchett who isn't really all that hot for a movie star.

  8. Having seen Blake Lively in person, I can say that looking "slightly less attractive" than her is still pretty darn hot. And it's more of an Olivia Dunham fixation than an Anna Torv one, actually. I find Anna Torv to be very attractive, but when she's Olivia and awesome at her job and smart and competent, that's when she's entitled to a Sexy Bitch video. :)


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