Instant Reaction: Chuck vs the Fear of Death

Tweet: I should be getting paid for this. I'm looking at you @JoshSchwartz76. #Chuck408 #AllIDoIsWin

Addendum: What follows, dear people, is a lesson in vanity. When you get this cocky, what happens? Well, turns out you forget exactly how many hits Olivia Newton-John had and find yourself unable to think up clever replies to people's @ tweets. I am not yet a professional Tweeter, you guys. But I'm close. SO CLOSE.

Tweet: "You're about to meet a lot of scientists" is never something you want said to you. Ever. #Ever #Chuck408

Addendum: Unless you're a scientist I guess?

More of teh funny after the break. #IntentionalMispellingofThe

Tweet: Did... did they just waterboard the Intersect? #ImWonderingTooBuddy #Chuck408

Addendum: I thought they made that illegal back in Season 2! Yeah that's right I remember Chuck vs. the First Kill.

Tweet: Did... did Lester just notice something? #Chuck408

Addendum: Something that didn't directly affect him and/or his ego? I AM SHOCKED>

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Addendum: Was it? WAS IT?! Yes. It was.

Tweet: Ewwwww. #Cialis #Jeff #Chuck408

Addendum: I mean, let's face it, Cialis is pretty gross in and of itself. Cialis + Jeff is what the Aisle of Terror should have legitimately been made of.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Jeff's erections should never be discussed.

Addendum: Except on Twitter. That's where all the worst things must go to be discussed. Like the Lil Waynes rock album.

Tweet: @ladycat713 Ever. #EVER

Addendum: EVER> Except, again, on Twitter. Like Brett Favre's exposing text messages.

Tweet: Though we did get a nice Sarah Walker Entrance Scene out of it. #Chuck408

Addendum: Soooo pretty.

Tweet: NINJA ATTACK! #AlwaysAwesome #Chuck408

Addendum: Did anyone else want one of them to be Carina? I miss when Ninja Attacks were funny in this show.

Reply Tweet, from PeterOinNJ: Chuckie, don't be a hero, don't be a fool with your life!

Addendum: He never listens! He's a headstrong fool! Why are we yelling?! Now I can't stop!

Tweet: Rob Riggle always wins. #Chuck408

Addendum: We need at least 19 fanfictions dedicated to his character. And how.

Tweet: Olivia Newton John references always lose. #SadFace #Chuck408

Addendum: Can we get a Where Are They Now on Olivia Newton John? For that matter, can we get a Where Are They Now on the show Where Are They Now? Seriously, when was the last time there was an episode of that show.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: @racecarbrown Saying let's get physical makes olivia newton John pop into my head.

Addendum: See! I'm not crazy. I wasn't the only one.

Reply Tweet, from Frea_O: What was that? Olivia Newton-John #FTW? Also, does Sue Sylvester collect royalties on that dialogue? #Chuck408

Addendum: You see what she does to her minions, dear readers? She baits us. She taunts mxpw with SWP and she taunts me with enjoying terrible pop culture references. I wish I could just [REDACTED]

Tweet: Name one Olivia Newton-John song besides "Physical" without Google.

Addendum: What was I saying? Oh yeah, that Frea is wonderful and the best and without her I wouldn't have this wonderful one glass of water a day! I MEAN AN HOUR> ALSO ITS NOT WATER ITS A STEAK>

Reply Tweet, from Frea_O: "You're the one that I want" #Bad80smoviesftw #JohnTravoltaTaughtMeEverythingIKnow

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Xanadu

Addendum: So I guess Olivia Newton-John had a lot of songs?

Tweet: I should have thought to exclude Grease as well. #Touche #ThwartedAgain

Tweet: I had no idea that Chuck and Olivia Newton-John had so many mutual fans.

Addendum: I mean, really. I couldn't think of one other one. Failsauce.

Tweet: The rock on the Intersect? Or The Rock on the Intersect. #DwayneJohnson #Chuck408

Addendum: Because I was picturing the latter, you guys. How cool would that guest appearance have been? DO YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS DOING TO PREVENT THE INTERSECT'S POWERS?! I do. It smells a lot like pepper bacon.

Tweet: Grapefruit? #AlwaysSuspectedPeaches #Chuck408

Addendum: Seriously that may be the most disappointing thing about Sarah Walker in canon. Grapefruits, guys? Really?

Tweet: Can I keep Summer Glau? #Forever? #Please? #Chuck408

Addendum: She looked absolutely stunning this episode, you guys. She's lucky she was fired prior to Sarah going all Adorable Psycho on everyone, because a brunette that good looking being around her man would have been all deadskies.

Tweet: Oh my God Zac Levi is so tall. #Chuck408

Addendum: Yvonne Strahovski is going to have a strained neck from having to kiss up so often this season.

Tweet: Best. Massage. Ever. #Chuck408

Addendum: This is an unscheduled drool session brought to you by Sarah Walker in sexy lingerie. *drool*

Tweet: Tabi shoe closeup! #Chuck408

Addendum: I am not going to lie, I really only tweeted this to show that I knew the proper term for ninja shoes.

Reply Tweet, from PeterOinNJ: PFOD bitches. #Chuck408

Addendum: This may be my favorite acronym of the past year and a half. Why that exact length of time? Wouldn't you like to know. (That means it's completely arbitrary.)

Tweet: P.F.O.D. - L.O.V.E. I.T.

Addendum: Perfect fear of death like orange violets eating.... OH GOD I DONT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS>

Tweet: Rob Riggle is my favorite. #Truth #Chuck408

Addendum: I don't know if you guys watch the Daily Show, but he is pretty excellent on that show as well. He's been pretty much the same character in everything he's ever done and that is totally okay by me. His deadpan enthusiasm for the most ridiculous shit is right up my humor-alley.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: Looks like the new guy is a lot less well received than the last one was.

Addendum: They're all like "We've been through this trick before!" but they didn't really learn from it because look where Chuck is.

Tweet: "What." #What #Chuck408

Addendum: What.

Tweet: "Sometimes the scenery makes me cry." #Chuck408

Addendum: This is what I'm talking about. I almost missed this line because of how straight-faced it was delivered but hearing it made me laugh. A lot.

Tweet: Saying "Good bye" in TV and movies when on the phone. #ThingsIMiss #Chuck408

Addendum: Seriously guys why does this not happen? It's one second! One! People say good bye on the phone in real life! I get so confused when people don't say good bye on the phone.

Tweet: So disarming! Ha! #Chuck408

Addendum: Pop culture references are good for something in the CIA, you guys, don't let anyone tell you any differently.

Tweet: Hahahaha. #Chocolate #Chuck408

Addendum: Was that one of the best cuts in the history of Chuck? Yes. Yes it was.

Tweet: Seriously Rob Riggle needs to become a regular. #SoPerfect #Chuck408

Addendum: His brand of ridiculousness mixed with just the right amount of taking himself seriously is so perfectly matched to this show that I'm amazed he hasn't been on the show before.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: He's certainly preferably to Shaw.

Addendum: Yeah but so would nobody ever. By the way, does anyone know if this episode was written by the guy who had done, like, Drawn Together and Ugly Americans and all those weird-ass cartoon shows? Because the brand of humor involved was certainly up that alley. Someone get back to me on this.

Tweet: The Vulcan Death Grip is definitely real. #Chuck408

Addendum: I didn't spell "definitely" right in the original tweet. This is why I am not yet a professional Tweeter.

Tweet: Chucksicle? #SomeonesBeenReadingFanfiction #Chuck408

Addendum: Specifically they've been reading Fates.

Reply Tweet, from PeterOinNJ: Not grapefruit.

Addendum: Are there flavored Chucksicles? Because I am pretty sure Adorable Psycho wants one of those.

Tweet: @PeterOinNJ Grapefruit Chucksicle? #SoundsGross #Chuck408

Addendum: It sounds gross to me, but Fates Sarah? She thinks it sound delicious.

Tweet: Family is really the strong suit of this show. #Chuck408

Addendum: Can we just have a spinoff of only Casey/Alex and Chuck/Ellie scenes? That would be super.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat7163: Alex is a smart girl.

Addendum: Pretty, too.

Tweet: My theory: Summer Glau is the master of the Castle Slide. #Chuck408

Addendum: I liked my explanation better.

Tweet: This episode is all like: This is why we went the way we did with S3, you gaiz. #Chuck408

Addendum: "Chuck can't be a real spy and be with Sarah! I don't care what you say, fans! We're going to prove this to you by putting them in the same kind of situation together and see how they blow up at each other and bad things happen!" "But, doesn't that kind of make it seem like they have to be together to be successful?" "Um. No. Yes. Um?"

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: I think Sarah blew it. Rye OTOH looked impressed by Chuck taking the gemology course on the plane and bringing a loupe.

Addendum: Online gemology courses are SURIOUS BIZNESS>

Tweet: I don't know if there is a "right" side to the debate Chuck and Sarah are having. They both have valid arguments. #Chuck408

Addendum: I mean, Chuck is being dumb for trying to fight off bad guys with no actual, um, fighting skills. And also he's being dumber for being all offended by the fact that Sarah is pointing it out. Then again, Sarah is being kind of dumb for being so tactless about it. But, you know, these things happen.

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: True but it's got to bring back memories of the last time he lost the Intersect.

Addendum: Wasn't that when he almost got her to go away on a vacation with him instead of going away with Bryce? Yes that was an intentionally dumb reply to a serious statement.

Tweet: Casey's inner monologue: "Hey, I didn't have to say it. Awesome." #Chuck408

Addendum: Casey misses being able to berate Chuck. I can tell. He just wants to say something snarky and mean but since Chuck's an actual agent, and Beckman will reprimand him, he won't. Poor guy.

Tweet: Summer's legs. #ThatIsAll #Chuck408

Addendum: *drools*

Tweet: Pretty sure that is a wig. #Chuck408

Addendum: Can we get a test on this? Just someone tug on Vik's hair really hard and see if it comes off.

Tweet: Oh God this will only embolden them. #Chuck408

Addendum: Worst way out of that situation ever.

Tweet: Wasn't she on YOUR crew? #SeeWhatIDidThere? #Chuck408

Addendum: Get it? Because they were both on Firefly together? DO YOU GET IT?

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: and it was an extremely unprofessional and effective crew too.

Addendum: Okay you got it.

Tweet: Fantastic! #Death #Chuck408

Addendum: Yeah I was totally just shot! How about that!

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: I knew Rye was toast the minute he stood in the doorway. Too bad that didn't happen to Shaw.

Addendum: Nah, I prefer Shaw's death the way it was.

Tweet: Holy crap. #AdorablePsycho #Chuck408


Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: I doubt she'll talk about plowing as much in canon though.

Addendum: Which is disappointing. Right? Right.

Tweet: By the way those pants are painted on. #DontMindAtAll #Chuck408

Addendum: Mmmm. Sarah Walker butt.

Tweet: Ending the episode with captured Chuck? #DontMindThatEither #Chuck408

Addendum: *writes in a new plot point for Twist* *Yes I am actually writing Twist. Pay no attention to the unmoving status bar to your left*

Reply Tweet, from ladycat713: And thankfully there's only one week to the next ep.

Addendum: OR IS THERE? Yes. There is.

Final Thoughts: So, I've decided to stop numbering these tweets. Mostly because it takes about forty-five more minutes (and I'm only slightly exaggerating) and what does it add? Did you notice? I bet you didn't notice.

So, anyway, what did you all think of the episode. As always, hit me up in the comments!


  1. I feel like I really should have whipped out "Hopelessly Devoted to You" instead of "You're the One that I Want," but the less I think about Grease, the better.

    No #SarahConnorBitches hashtag tonight? :( If I could pay you to professional tweet this, Chris, I totally would. It's the thought that counts, right?

  2. ladycat71315.11.10

    The last time Chuck lost the Intersect was at the end of Fake name , Beginning of Beard. The way he was left behind and not even considered good enough to stay in the van is probably still an open wound.

    I actually like the smell of Grapefruit myself. hate the taste though.

    Shaw unfortnately didn't stay dead . I'm hopeful for on or off camera killing by mama B in the future though.

    One has to wonder if Mama B forsaw this possible outcome when she used the psp. I think being tortured because your mom stole your superpowers could definitely stir up some resentment.

    One good question to ask is how does the Belgian know Chuck is the Intersect. Did the info come from the Ring, Shaw by way of the Ring, Fulcrum, Maybe Jill figured it out, Barker (he never should have been told) , a CIA traitor, Carina (could have figured it out) or his mother.

  3. Anonymous15.11.10

    Does your girlfriend still think Chuck is lame Chris? You may need to show he3r the last two episodes if she does


  4. Anonymous15.11.10

    I loved Rob Riggle too. I miss him on the Daily Show. It felt good to see him again. I'm sad that he died, but that was a very funny death if death can be funny.

    Grapefruit = fail. I like the smell, but it's just too blend for Sarah. Peaches would have worked better or anything that contrast with Sarah's Action Girl nature.

    That end scene was just perfect. Of course, my Canadian broadcaster had to cut it before the episode was over, but what I saw looked very touching. Yvonne pwned the world!

    You guys, an entire episode dedicated to the Adorable Psycho! An entire episode! It's like they knew her birthday was coming up. I think it's the first time in a while that a promo has me excited for an upcoming episode.


  5. Anonymous16.11.10

    I'm always in class when Chuck is on. I then rush home, watch the recording, then read your hilarious tweets. It's a routine I look forward to.

    @ladycat713 I think "The Belgian" found out Chuck was the Intersect when he asked to look at the security footage from the hallway and that vault thing they were in. And they probably saw Rye was non-discretely screaming "Did you Flash?!"


  6. coffeegirl16.11.10

    i was a bit disappointed that there wasnt a secret compartment in their room where sarah stores all her weapons. just a briefcase? tho i like her jacket and the hairstyle

  7. Okay, just pointing out that upcoming canon!sarah is a legitimate combination of Adorable Psycho, Double Agent, and Fates!sarahs.

  8. Ayefah16.11.10

    Chuck being the Intersect seems to be becoming quasi-common knowledge in the intelligence community. First Chuck's mom knew, which means Volkoff knows, and now this Belgian does, too. Maybe it came out when he was in training at the beginning of S3, since lots of people seemed to be involved in that. The whole "keep the Intersect a secret" deal seems to have lost its urgency since Chuck re-uploaded the thing.

    Grease is awesome, except for everything about its storylines ever. So maybe not so awesome.

    And I don't think the show is really trying to make the argument that Chuck can't be a spy and be with Sarah, not in earnest. It's more about the two of them trying to figure out a working relationship in all senses of the phrase. Because it's fair to point out that Sarah can get too protective, and it's also fair to point out that Chuck needs to stop making everything personal.

    If Sarah's protectiveness is preventing Chuck from thinking he can stand on his own...that's not healthy. So I'm hoping that he does some Intersect-less butt-kicking of his own next week while Sarah plays Rambo. Not violent butt-kicking, but the metaphorical kind. "Bluffing Mr. Colt"-type ass-kicking. "Taking down Shaw with videoconferencing"-type ass-kicking. If the show really, really goes in the "Chuck doesn't need the Intersect" direction I will hug it and kiss it and call it George, because the over-dependence on the Intersect is one of the things I liked least about last season.

    But no matter what, we're going to get Sarah doing horrible things to people in order to find her boyfriend. Yay! Seriously, I couldn't possibly love that promo more.

  9. Ayefah16.11.10

    And geez, give poor grapefruity Sarah a break. The scent is probably from her shampoo or deodorant or something and doesn't mean all that much. I don't even know what assorted flower chemicals they stick in my shampoo; as long as the smell isn't too strong I'm generally good. It's not some massive life choice that reflects everything about a lady's personality, honest. :P

  10. Anonymous16.11.10

    "It's not some massive life choice that reflects everything about a lady's personality, honest. :P"

    Hmm, really? Because it is to me. That might be because when it comes to looks I'm an extremely girly girl (I refused to wear pants until majority), but I carefully picked everyone of my perfumes. I have different perfumes for different seasons and occasion, seriously there's a whole system here. My friends and family actually know what beauty products to buy me because they know my smells. My sister is like that too, so I always assumed that every girl did this, including Sarah and Ellie. Ellie smells like sugar cookies which I think suits her perfectly. Grapefruit and Sarah do not match as well. But I am a perfume snob ;).


  11. Perfumes give me a headache. Of course, Fates Sarah smells like apples.

    And oh geez, the concept of there being a weird mixture of DA, Fates, and AP Sarah just makes me want to get under the bed and hide. But that is because I am a brunette and Fates Sarah has plenty of great reasons to hate me.

  12. For the record, I would like to state that I coined the term "Chucksicle" long before Frea did in Fates. So they may have stolen it from her, but she stole it from me. :P

    She encouraged me to take credit for the term, so I am doing so.

    Also, I can't wait to see a little bit of DA in canon Sarah next week. Totally looking forward to it.

  13. ladycat71316.11.10

    I like the smell of grapefruit. Hate the taste though. Of course I have allergies so it's one of the ones I can tolerate without sneezing like crazy.

  14. Sparky16.11.10

    Perfume talk! YAy! :P

  15. Frea: No #SarahConnorBitches because no Sarah Connor! Recaps do not count. BUT WHERE DID SHE GO I DONT GET IT AHHHH> And I would feel bad taking your money to tweet this. Fedak's on the other hand...

    Derek: My girlfriend laughed out loud a few times at this week's episodes. I'll convince her yet.

    Nysa: I'm so flattered you read my tweets as part of the episode experience! Yay!

    Ayefah: I know the show isn't really making that argument, but I found humor in simplifying the conflict so I did it! What you must realize is that if I think it's funny, I'll say it, even if it stretches reality a (lot) little. And I didn't mean to turn the grapefruit into a thing! It was just weird to me! AHHHHH!!!!11oneoneeleven

    mxpw: Consider your credit duly ignored. ;)

    Also my girlfriend smells like vanilla. No one asked but all the perfume talk reminded me of it and mmmm she smells good.

  16. I don't know...from Crystal's recap of Chuckfest2, Linda Hamilton might be badass enough to earn a #SarahConnorBitches even for the previouslies.

    And I seriously did steal "Chucksicle" from Max. Of course, I stole it from a chat, and didn't realize that he had used it in Chuck vs. the Cabin in the Woods until nearly a week and a half later when I was idly browsing his stories looking for more to steal, ah, I mean read. :)


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