Okay, maybe not CHON. CHON sounds kind of silly. But anyway, with the new TRON movie finally, finally, finally hitting theaters yesterday, there's been an upsurge in really cool lighting/TRON-like Photoshop tutorials. Last night, I was talking to mxpw and looking at some gorgeous fan-made posters, one thing led to another, and then this happened:

And then I thought, this would make a great wallpaper, soooooo....

More to come, I imagine, as I play with adding some text and messing with the colors (I want to do an orange version where Sarah's light-disc is the one that fits in and Chuck's is the one that stands out). But get 'em here:

I think I'm going to attempt to do more in this series, as I'm spazzing a little about how cool this looks.

- Frea

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  1. Anonymous2.1.14

    you should print these out as posters and sell them online possibly for a kickstarter for a chuck movie a lot of people would buy it


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