You Like Me, You Really, Really Like Me!

So there are a lot of great Chuck websites out there: ChuckThis, provider of optimism and cheer every episode (we provide the sarcastic flipside to their commentary, I think, and it works out well for both of us),   the Google Group (Hi, Bill!), some fanfiction blogs and Liz James's fun Articulate Shnook.  I got my start reading on ChuckTV.net, which led me to Fedak and Schwartz defending Mask to Sepinwall, which led me to a link to JMG's fanfiction, which led me to writing Fates.  If you followed that flow chart well, you may need to get your head checked, but even so, all of that is why I'm super-stoked that Fates is the focus of an article on ChuckTV.net.

No, seriously, it is!

So I wanted to say thank you to Old Darth, who made all of this happen, and took the time to interview me and put up with the record-breaking number of times I said "Um." He does a lot of podcasting, which I've outright told him isn't my cup of tea (I prefer the written word; I space out listening to people talk, which is going to make my lectures next semester very interesting), but they're awesome enough that even I'll listen to 'em.  Do me a favor and check out his blog here.

And yes, this interview is the same one I posted a few months ago on the blog, but now it's in its long format!  With far less audio errors, and more of my dogs in the background.

Next stop: world domination.  Or the gas station; I'm out of Dr. Pepper.



PS - How awesome is it that the graphic for my interview on the front page is Sarah from Phase Three?  It's going to be especially fitting here in a day or two, you'll see.


  1. Ayefah28.12.10

    I also space out listening to people talk, which yes, has made 7 years of higher education go very interestingly, but I'll do all my best concentration for this. :)

  2. Frea and her "minions"?!

    lol, I'm kidding, we basically are. xD I'll check out the podcast later, right now I gotta get ready and hang out with some old friends. But come on, Frea, are you really that surprised? You've already hit 200K on Fates, you're pretty much the most well-known author in the fandom. And you deserve it. ;) (And yes, I apologize for inducing a big head. Don't walk near any doorframes for a while. Hee.)

  3. Don't worry, Crystal, you're still the cutest minion of them all. And what do you have against the door frames in my house, anyway? I've had to replace them. AGAIN.

  4. Yep well deserved.

    So now that you're very close of world domination (the only question about that was when) unless Dr.Pepper gets in the way (I have to admit I find its taste weird, we don't have any in France, he never graduated), I'm wondering if there is anything your fans can do to help you get published?

    I love Fates and I don't really want to see you getting away from it to work on your original work. I'm sellfish that way. But still, it's just depriving the world of your tremendous talent not to have your original stories out there.

  5. OldDarth29.12.10

    Feel rather embarrassed for not getting this up sooner but releasing the interview during the hiatus has worked out well.

    The podcast has gotten a lot of hits - in the same range as our episode reviews - so hopefully this will translate into some new readers for not just Frea but all the writers that hang out here.


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