I Learned a New Trick

So one of the things I've been teaching myself is how to do things in Photoshop.  It's partially fascination and partially practicality, but sometimes, I have to wonder.  Anyways, a few days ago, Nathan Fillion tweeted a fan-made Castle comic book cover that looked really great and retro and I thought, "Ooh, that's neat!"  And I instantly wanted to know how to do that myself, so I spent some time studying the picture.

And then it occurred to me.  You know what else would make a great comic book cover?

Phase Three.

And because it's me, I didn't stop there.

So that's what happened when I got really fascinated with a project.  And also, there's some new ebooks on the ebooks page up there at the top!




  1. alladinsgenie4u11.12.10

    These covers are just great. Awesome job, Frea. :)

  2. Very good! The covers reminds me of the old Buffy comics. One little detail: It's "Angel de la Muerte". Angel de la Muerta means: Angel of the dead woman

  3. Anonymous11.12.10

    I quote the Kooks song,"Love it all, Love it all."
    Awesome work!!!! Great Job Frea!

    -JS Fan

  4. And by the way, thanks for the e-books, specially the missing years, it was exactly what I wanted!


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