A Treat!

So with massive help from nneghandi, Course Jester, and the Ardent Aardvark, yesterday I learned how to do something very important:

That's right, I learned how to put a Table of Contents into an epub ebook.

Which means if you head over to that ebooks page now, you can get new versions of What Fates Impose I-III, What Fates Impose IV (including up to chapter 44), To Resist Both Wind and Tide, and the complete Adorable Psycho, now including the newest chapter of 9 Months and The 405 Gets Plowed, of course.

Also, there's a new ebook up on the page.  I combined all six of the Fatesverse one-shots and put them up there in PDF, ePub, and Kindle formats for everybody.  As far as the other stories without TOCs, I'll get those formatted as time allows, and add new stories to the queue.

Happy Sunday, everybody!


PS - I am not neglecting Fates to do this, even though the progress bar hasn't moved.  I've taken a week off of writing.


  1. Anonymous5.12.10

    Thank you so very much for all the work you have put into the Ebooks! You truly are amazing!


    -JS Fan

  2. Thank you so much for the Fatesverse Extended edition! Looking forward to that one expanding too!

  3. Just an FYI - Wind & Tide doesn't want to process download request and gets hung up. The others downloaded without trouble.

  4. Just to be clear, all of the outstanding work on this (I *love* these ebooks!) came from Frea or the other helper minions (hee). All I did was help her test on various platforms and make smart-alecky remarks. :)


  5. Peter, try W&T again. I just went over to the downloads page and was able to download both of them, I think the problem may be on you computer's end. :(

  6. Took your advise & tried it again - as well as on two other computers. Download begins but then get message that browser is not able to access site - tried on Safari, Firefox & Explorer.

    But I am nothing if not persistent and will keep trying - especially since I deleted the old W&T before checking making sure I got the downloads.

    BTW, it's really entertaining to switch back and forth between the extended Fatesverse & WFI. Did that with ch 23-Sarah Versus the Bartowskis and Truth, Lies, and the CIA yesterday while waiting for my brother in doctors office. Great way to spend an hour! Thanks for doing this.

  7. Hm, that is most perplexing. I've reuploaded the files and changed the links on the eBooks page, so you should be able to download it now, I hope. If not, send me an email at right2befrea@gmail.com and I'll email you the file straight out. :)

    And it's my pleasure. This whole thing has been a major learning process for me, and it's fun. Glad everybody's enjoying the ebooks.

  8. Okay - got it!
    Told you I was persistent.


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