mxpw vs. Frea: Back to the Future

Good news, everybody!

Like the line up above says, I have good news! Frea, in all her infinite wisdom, floated to me a most excellent idea: What would the world be like if mxpw and Frea took a crack at reviewing the episodes of a simpler, happier time? I can tell you, I don't know for sure, but I am excited to find out what this Brave New World has in store for us.

So without further delay or pomp or circumstance or diversion, I present you Castle Inanity's plan to help you deal with a severe lack of SWP in your life.

mxpw vs. Frea will be reviewing seven select Season One episodes. Every Tuesday, Frea and I will watch an episode and then post our review on Wednesday. You may then proceed to comment until you can comment no more.

First up on the docket: Chuck vs. the Intersect, or Pilot, if you prefer. To help you with your viewing needs, in the off chance that you are a terrible Chuck fan and don't already own the DVDs, here is a link to the episode online: Pilot.

Week 1: Chuck vs. the Intersect (Pilot)
Week 2: Chuck vs. the Wookie
Week 3: Chuck vs. the Sandworm
Week 4: Chuck vs. the Truth
Week 5: Chuck vs. the Imported Hard Salami
Week 6: Chuck vs. the Undercover Lover
Week 7: Chuck vs. the Marlin

We welcome and encourage everybody to participate in our re-watch and follow along. We hope you enjoy!

Please note, the link is for American CI'ers only. Sorry!


  1. Ayefah7.12.10

    So...that starts this week, I presume? Man, I really wish I could justify a rewatch right now. Stupid finals.

  2. Ayefah7.12.10

    Also, that shark-and-bear graphic is a thing of beauty and joy forever. :D

  3. Thank you, thank you. I prefer to think that I've outdone myself. *takes a bow*

  4. Finals? You don't need no stinkin' finals!

    Oh, and it's not mentioned up above but Frea and I might tweet some during our re-watch. Possibly. If we can arrange it.

  5. Should I be "live"-tweeting these episodes? THAT IS SO MUCH WORK.


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