Happy Birthday, Chris!

So a few months ago, this story popped up on fanfiction.net that made me go, "Waaaaaaait a minute."  I mean, it was so well-written and kind of brilliant, but...at the time, it was like a prequel to What Fates Impose, which, let me tell you, really got my dander up.   So I went out and bought a shotgun and some rock salt and I did me some huntin'.  I searched the entire Midwest up and down for this upstart writer who had the audacity to steal my idea and make it even better, I tell you.  And then I took the poor son of a gun out back behind the shed and put him out of his misery, which is why that story hasn't been updated in months.

Actually, that's not what happened at all.  I fell so much in love with the story Chuck vs. the Simple Twist of Fate that when I saw a request by the author for a beta reader, I jumped all over the opportunity.  And to this day, I am so, so grateful that I did because otherwise, I would never have gotten to meet the wonderful I Am Not Amused aka Musey aka Chris.  And that, my friends, would be a very sad existence indeed.  In the months that I have known him, I have come to esteem Chris as one of the coolest people I know.  He's an awesome writer, his taste in music and his love for music are both astounding and kind of mind-blowing, and he's just a really great dude.

So thank you, Chris, for being my friend and enriching my life and my music collection.  Happy Birthday to the real life Bryce Larkin (but way cooler).

Now, everybody, as a birthday present to Chris, go read Storms in Encino and review it!




  1. Happy birthday, Chris! How fitting is it that we celebrate the birthday of our very own Nerd Herder. You really are the real life Chuck Bartowski or Bryce Larkin, whichever you prefer.

    You're a pretty cool dude, with a penchant for typing in caps. Your live tweeting after every Chuck episode is both hilarious and insightful and intriguing. You have given me much good advice regarding music (primarily anything having to do with Frightened Rabbit), even though sometimes you make me wonder. Heh. You're very funny and passionate about what you like, and you appreciate Sarah Walker/Yvonne Strahovski, which is all I really need to know to know you're a great dude.

    Hope you have a great birthday, Chris! I look forward to reading much more of your writing as the days go by. And I hope your next 25 years go as well or better than the last 25.

  2. And damn, I was remiss not to mention this earlier, but huge nod of thanks/admiration must go to our most benevolent overlord for the amazing job she did on your birthday layout. It's really quite amazing and she deserves a lot of props.

    I think it's the most creative layout yet and I really do like the new color scheme. This is the easiest version on my eyes yet.

    So great job, Frea, and happy birthday, Chris!

  3. Anonymous9.12.10

    Happy birthday, Chris! I love your writing, and Instant Reactions may be the best thing about this site.


  4. Ayefah9.12.10

    Happy birthday, Chris!

    (And ditto to everything mx said about the layout.)

  5. Happy bday!

    Like and appreciate your commentary and insight on the various topics bandied about here and elsewhere

  6. You guys are freaking amazing. Seriously, I cannot get over how badass the layout is. I had a wonderful time on my birthday, and I thank all of you for your birthday wishes.

    mxpw - You've been a great friend and you're a great writer, so being able to experience both has been simply awesome.

    Derek - Thank you! I put a lot into both my writing and my Instant Reactions (though it may not alway seem like it, hahaha) so it's good to know people enjoy it!

    Ayefah - Thanks!

    dnm - Gracias! I'm glad my big mouth hasn't bit me in the butt yet! :)

    Frea - Ah, the lady herself. Thank you so much for agreeing to take on beta duties on Twist those many moons ago. And sorry for not giving you much to beta recently (It will change! I promise!). You've been just a wonderful person to know and write with and talk about things with. And, yes, the layout is completely badass. Thanks again!


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