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First off, you've probably gotten the email or seen the Tweet or whatever by now, but there's a new chapter of What Fates Impose up.  Chuck like you've never seen him before!

Second off, we're going to be a day late with the next mxpw vs. Frea.  We'll be watching Chuck vs. the Wookie for this one, so if you want to follow along or prepare, I'd recommend turning to those DVDs you hopefully purchased and reveling in the goodness that is Yvonne Strahovski, Zachary Levi, and Mini Anden in the same scene (funny story: when I went to see The Tourist in the theater the other day, there was a movie trailer with Jason Statham.  I kept my eyes peeled for Yvonne, thinking it might be for The Killer Elite, and therefore was sad that I didn't see more than a split-second flash of anything that could be her, until the title popped up at the end and proved it was actually a trailer for The Mechanic.  And the split-second flash that I thought might have been Yvonne?  It was Mini Anden.  No joke).

Thirdly, remember those comic book covers I did?  Sarah - Wrath of the Giant Blonde Shemale?

Well, I found a couple of missing pages from one of the comics.

It's a valid question.

I'm sure quite a few of you raised your hands when she asked in the episode.

- Frea


  1. I saw that same trailer on TV, so I checked out IMDB. Looks like Mini plays Statham's girlfriend Sara. All he needs now is a movie with Sarah Lancaster to complete the ladies of Chuck trifecta.

  2. Ayefah15.12.10

    ...You watched The Tourist? So, uh. How was that?

  3. It wasn't bad. I'm going to adapt it to Chuckfic and spare everybody the need to wonder exactly what Angelina Jolie is thinking the whole movie, as I couldn't tell. I'd rather her just kick ass and take names with an angry look like she did in Salt.

  4. Olddarth16.12.10

    Would it have been a good role for Yvonne?

  5. Ayefah16.12.10

    Ah, crap - that previous comment was a link. I didn't realize that the format now doesn't make that visible.

    This only takes the barest edge off my current smug glee, though. Just so you know.

  6. Actually, it probably wouldn't have been a great role for Yvonne except, you know, that Yvonne can do anything and has proven this time and again. She does enigmatic well, which would've made her perfect for the role, but I don't know, there were some things about it that I'll be changing for The Chuckist or whatever I call my version. To make it better for, as you say, Yvonne. :)


    And I stand by that reaction. Gah. DO NOT WANT.

  7. Ayefah16.12.10

    Man, I feel evil for being so happy. But I totally am. :P I promise to assess any resulting episode on its own merits as best I can, though.


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