A Special Holiday Message

Happy Channukah, everybody!




  1. Ayefah2.12.10

    Todah rabah. :) Vechag sameach lachem, bekol pa'am sheh'hu magiah.

  2. Uh, yeah, same to you, too. *Googles Yiddish dictionary* :)

  3. Anonymous2.12.10

    Cool Yiddish! I wish I understood it. Happy Channukah! It's so early this year.

    Boy, now I'm craving fried food so bad.


  4. Ayefah2.12.10

    That's phonetic Hebrew, seeing as I am not my Polish grandmother. The only Yiddish I know is the stuff that's been incorporated into Hebrew and English. :P

  5. Yes, where would society be without the word "schtupping." I mean, c'mon.

    Excuse me, I'd better call Ziva and see if she can translate. :-P

  6. Anonymous2.12.10

    lol, wasn't expecting that.. and apparently after having to translate as a major part of my job for two years, i can't leave this as is. repetetition really does get to you.
    it translates to "thank you very much. :) and a happy holiday to you all, every time it comes around"
    i know it's kinda literal but it's 7 AM, brain's not totally awake yet.

    happy holidays to all..
    my heart is with all who lost family, friend, pet, home or are currently evicted from their living area due to the huge fire near Haifa. i hope it ends soon.


  7. Ayefah3.12.10

    ...Frea, dare I ask how you managed to anti-write two of your projects?

  8. *laughing* I'll get him for this, I swear I will.

  9. Mwuahahaha

    I told you I would have revenge for caving in my escape tunnel.


  10. For the last time, that wasn't me. You're a CA boy. You have two natural disasters going for you -- LiLo and earthquakes. Duh.

  11. Ayefah4.12.10

    Why would Frea want to collapse your tunnel, mx? Hopeful prisoners are the best prisoners, as Vetinari would say.

  12. Anonymous4.12.10

    Fine, I admit it! It was me! I collapsed your tunnel Mxpw. I did it. And by that I mean that the magical castle slide and a crew of construction workers might have been involved. What? I wanted to make sure you were going to finish DA and H2C. I had no idea you were gonna get so sensitive about it. Sheesh!

    So that was Hebrew. The only Hebrew I know is my actual first name. Another language I wish I knew. It sounds so pretty and mysterious. My grandma spoke Yiddish, that and German and Arabic. She never taught us any of these languages though which sucks.


  13. @Ayefah - Honestly, I don't know why she does the things she does. She's inscrutable. She's like Doctor Claw. She just likes to see me downtrodden.

    @Lily - How many chapters of Fates did she bribe you with to take the fall for her?

    I know it was you, Frea! You broke my heart.

  14. Darn it, I was hoping to break your soul, not your heart. Back to square one.

  15. Oh you broke my soul a long time ago. But my heart still struggled. Now, no more.

    I shall call you Ruin from now on.

  16. Anonymous4.12.10

    *counting her bribed chapters of Fates* There, there Mxpw. Just have a dose of SWP, that will make you feel better. It's probably time you've accepted your fate anyway. We are but Frea's puppets; you more than any of us. I mean she put Chuck in a bunker for five years and drugged him. That's the guy whose shoulders she lust after. What are your chances, really?

    Now, if you'll excuse me I need to arrange my promised chapters according to their size and their number of SW scenes. Mwahaha.



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