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Just wanted to let everybody know I added a new ebook to the page up there at the top -- ninjaVanish's Chuck and Sarah vs. the Bunker.  I'll of course add Themselves when he finishes it.  Any requests for finished stories?




  1. How about Chuck vs the Second Chance by malamoo?


  2. I'll see if she's willing to let me do so. :)

  3. Thank you - and oh yeah I REALLY would like you to publish your Fatesverse one shots as a collection of short stories. They really do intertwine with the main story and it would be nice to have it all in one place.

    And now that I have a Kindle app on my iPhone, I get Table of Contents!

  4. Since we are talking about Malamoo; I'd love to see his missing memories series, all in one pdf.
    Since I travel a lot for my work, and my country's internet coverage is less than stellar, I made got of billatwork's stories on pdf, so I have something lengthy to read at the go. That's another interesting addition to the pdf collection. Another interesting one could be Chuck and Sarah vs. Jill and Bryce, or the Leecan stories. If BR ever finishes collide, that could be cool too.

  5. Point of order, Mr. Rex, but malamoo is a she. I have already been asked by the MBO to ask moo for her permission.

    As for potentially other stories, I will talk to Frea about putting a poll up on the main page with several options. Then people can vote for what they want. That is, of course, if Frea is willing to do the work necessary to make it happen. It's up to her. But I think she may be amenable.

  6. Anonymous1.12.10

    Frea, did your B-Day fic ever get finished? Maybe they started it for your birthday next year.


  7. Anonymous1.12.10

    Awesome! I love the Ebooks! Loaded them all on my Ipad and have re-read them so many times that the pages are seperating from the bindings. ;)

    Thank you Frea for the hard work! I know that we all really appreciate it!

    -JS Fan

  8. Oh man, I knew that Malamoo is a she and I still got confused. The problem is the gender/sexuality crisis I have ever since I learned that Sarah is actually a giant blonde she-male, which kind of explains why she said that she was “Sam” and not “Samantha”. Sorry, my mind goes to strange places from time to time.
    I don't know the process to transform a fic from FF.net into an e-book, I just copy and paste the text and then transform it into a pdf. If that's the usual process or if you can't get the original material (I know that it happened with C&S Vs. The bunker) I volunteer to get the copy and paste done.

  9. Anonymous2.12.10

    Great! Thank you for posting "C&S Vs. The Bunker." I do hope you post his other stories when he's done. Other stories to consider? I vote for "Chuck vs. the Terrible, Horrible, NG, Really Bad Day" by the Authors Intersect and Altonish's "The Stocking," "Chuck Vs. The Doldrums" and "Chuck Vs. Real Life." And I really wish Altonish would finish "Real Life." Thank you again!

  10. Cristian2.12.10

    i know this is not the place....but man..i miss Roads!! will that story ever be updated?? =(

  11. Yay, my first ebook! Frea, you rock.

  12. stephen6.12.10

    Thanks for the updates and the new ebooks. Regarding others there are so many stories that i have loved on FF so Billatworks arks, lucky47s famly matters, Drmuckducks sweethome alabama ark but as he has disappeared that may not get finished so maybe not, Hazelnutcoffee12s five times chuck and sarah....and the ndickerson fics. Come to think of it all of the fics Wep has recomended in his what is wep reading.


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