I've been a bit at war with myself lately and I need to come clean.  I've promised time and again on this blog that What Fates Impose is going to go all the way to the Intersect 2.0, but I've been thinking about it and talking it over with Maximus, and I've come to a decision.  What Fates Impose will end a lot sooner than that.  I have a lot of reasons for this, some of which are personal, some having to do with the plot.

The reasons I can give you:

I want to write other things.   Fates is a gargantuan task taking up several hours a week.  I recently took a week off of writing and the breather felt amazing.  I love writing Fates.  I love writing for you guys.  But I've been writing the same thing for 300k words, and it's beginning to take a toll.

The new ending place I've picked is actually a better ending that my original.  One of the key components to writing is to know when to end a book and when to start one, and my original ending has sat badly with me since the beginning.

I know people are going to be disappointed with the ending, knowing that there was potentially story after that, but there's not much I can do about that.  This isn't an apology for anything, even though I regret that I just can't tell the whole story.  All good things come to an end, and so will Fates.

But don't worry, we've still got quite the ride to get to the new ending spot.




  1. Finally! People can finally stop talking incessantly about Fates and move their attention back to what really matters: me and DA.

    That's right, everybody, looks like I'm moving back to the top of the food chain again.

    And just when I'm finally getting back into the swing of things with DA. This all times out perfectly. Excellent.

    Thanks, Frea!

  2. It true. I did it all for Maximus. Bet I can finish my story first.

  3. Ayefah11.12.10

    That doesn't seem like the wisest bet to make with your beta.

    Just sayin'.

  4. Ayefah11.12.10

    As to the actual subject of this post...I think I'd have stronger feelings on the whole thing if I had any freaking idea whatsoever where the story was going in the long term. :P

    But y'all know I'm one of the biggest 2.0 malcontents around anyway, so it's not like I'm going to be crying about Fates!Chuck never learning kung fu that way.

    A lot of the things that 2.0 represented for canon!Chuck: physical empowerment, control, the decision to be a spy - are things that Fates!Chuck already has in some measure. Fates!Chuck didn't get dragged into the CIA kicking and screaming, he doesn't have a "real" life he wants to get back to, and he already has some idea of how to punch people in the face. 2.0 just...wouldn't have as much impact on him.

    His storyline is about what happened to him in his bunkers and why - remembering it and understanding it. That can take as much time as Frea does or doesn't want it to. And it certainly doesn't require Shaw. :P

    I know people are going to be disappointed with the ending, knowing that there was potentially story after that

    Okay, that part I admit I don't love. But somehow I'll live with the mere few hundred thousand words we'll get. *swoons*

  5. OldDarth11.12.10

    Was kind of expecting this given the time between installments becoming longer.

    No worries. Its been a fantastic ride and no amount of thanks can sufficiently convey the hours of joy you have given to me and many others.

    So excelsior Frea!

    Look forward to your next projects after this one.

    May all your pencils stay sharp!

    Thank You

  6. While it is sad to know this, it's good to know that you got other projects. And that Mx is back in track with DA.
    So, Frea, can you give us any scoop on the other things you want to write?

  7. Whoa...whoa...whoa, guys. Let's put the brakes on a bit. Frea only said she wasn't going to extend things to 2.0, she didn't say anything about the story ending anytime soon. There's still tons of story left to tell, trust me.

    In fact, I personally think what's upcoming is the most exciting, jam-packed, mind frakkingly awesome stuff yet. There's probably even a Chuck and Sarah scene or two.

    And believe me, as her beta, I know what's in-store and I can tell you that there really wasn't much more for her to do after her new endpoint. You're not missing much. It may seem like it, but every story must end eventually and the point Frea chose is seriously awesome.

    So while I can understand lamenting the end of Fates at some indeterminate time in the future, please take comfort in the knowledge that what Frea has in store for you will blow your minds.

    Enjoy it! I know I will.

  8. I agree with Ayefah. I don't realy care about 2.0. Fates Chuck is already more of a spy than Canon Chuck despite his condition and less numerous missions...

    I'm completely happy with where the story is going and what's to come. And you're certainly the one that knows best where the story should end. The important thing for me is that you finish it where it pleases you. And don't see how it wouldn't please us that way.

    It's been an awesome ride, and I take every new chapter or companion piece as a gift. It's always so great to read you!

  9. And also, would really be great to hear about your other project!

  10. alladinsgenie4u12.12.10

    @Frea - I have thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic ride that has been WFI and to be honest I found myself very sad when I read that you will be ending it - you should be very proud that you have gotten your fans so invested in the story. But I am also excited about your future projects. I am sure they will be a treat to read. What about a series of one shots from Sarah's POV? :)

    @mxpw - thank you for your comforting words through which you have promised us that whatever comes next in WFI will blow our minds.

  11. For me, one of the key components to following an author is trusting that they know when to end a book and when to start one. And I think I speak for all of your fans - we trust your judgment. I predict we will all be talking about the eventual last chapter of Fates as being truly awesome.

    Eventual is a key word - Fates was first published on 2/18/10 - almost 10 months ago. According to your story progress bar, you are now at 66% - that leaves us almost half the story to go. As mxpw says above, there has to be tons of story left to tell!

    I hope this decision leaves your step a little lighter, your head a little clearer and with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for your craft! Go get 'em girl!

  12. JohnClark12.12.10

    I agree with most of the people here who said 2.0 isn't really relevant to Fates. I think the thing people are kinda missing is the different balance in the Chuck/Sarah relationship. Chuck upload 2.0 in part, I think as a way to stay relevant to Sarah, if Fates he doesn't have to do that as Sarah is up till this point still the one hoping to keep Chucks attention, not the other way around like in cannon.

    My only concern is the percentage of story you'll be cutting out in the run up to 2.0. Hopefully things will conclude only shortly before he'd get to 2.0, not way, way before then.

  13. JohnClark12.12.10

    Either way I hope you continue writing new Chuck fanfic rather than giving up the genre/fandom for something else entirely. This fandom will miss you far too much if your going to get into 'serious' writing or some other form of nonsense.

  14. As a fan of Fates I completely trust you and our decisions, even though the thought that eventually that Fates will end makes me sad.

    As someone who has written a multi chapter fic, I can so sympathize with you. I know the end is closer now, but that is ok, I cant wait for the next idea.

  15. The Intersect means different things in Fates than it does in canon--Fates Chuck, for instance, isn't entirely sure he even wants to get rid of the Intersect because he likes his job working with Casey and Sarah. Therefore, the Intersect 2.0 was going to mean a lot different things than it would have, as well. It was going to be relevant, I promise. I don't write things in my story that aren't relevant and don't have a reason for being there other than "canon dictates it." In addition, if something happens in my story, the regular laws of physics apply. For every action, there is a reaction, blah, blah, blah.

    And the ending spot I've picked is way before the Intersect 2.0. But seeing as it's taken us 44 chapters to get to 6 months and the Intersect 2.0 happens 18 months after the scene I'm currently writing? It pretty much has to be.

    Thanks for all of the support, guys. I think my next project may be an AU where Bryce...gets Chuck kicked out of Stanford. *gasp* Oh, and Chuck and Sarah meet on a train.

  16. Here's the answer to my last tweet then!

  17. I really enjoy reading Fates and am along for the ride all way. Thanks for your updates. It is nice being a part of your writing process.

    This whole collective is cool and I enjoy all the author's stories.

  18. Anonymous13.12.10

    This will give you time to write that fringe story you possibly got in your head right now, and/or any possible chuck/fringe crossover where 1 character in one universe is related to some sort of counterpart in the main fringe world,ie: olivia= sarah, chuck=peter, papa b = walter,casey=broyles,etc. Not exact matches but were talking alt universes here so you know...

  19. Anonymous13.12.10

    frea --
    as with others, i just love reading your writing. and as much as i love fates, i think that would be true for many other writing projects, so i hope you'll keep up in the loop on your other stuff. it has always seemed inevitable to me that you will find success as a writer professionally so i've been bracing for your departure from (nearly) full-time fanfic/blog/tweet for awhile. not that i have to like it. but i'm happy to take what i can get for as long as you keep humoring us. thanks!

  20. OldDarth13.12.10

    BTW any guesstimates to how many more chapters are left?

  21. paranoia13.12.10

    @OldDarth - circa 22? (Frea said we where approx. 66% through)

  22. There are between one and a hundred chapters of Fates left and between one and five hundred thousand words left as well.

    Knowing Frea, I'm probably being conservative.

  23. Guys, that progress bar isn't about quantity, but how far I feel we're in the story. For example, Chapter 35 is the shortest chapter since Chapter 3, and I feel like it's a good 5% of the story. Just letting you know. And yeah, I'm not going to say how many chapters are left (though I do know) because hey, that's telling. :)

  24. paranoia13.12.10

    Just to clarify, I wasn't being serious. I meant to write 22.66666666... ;-)

    Looking forward to the rest of the story, I'm sure it will be awesome.

  25. Anonymous14.12.10

    One rule to writing a story is to know the beginning and the ending. And I too was never concerned about your story including/covering elements of the TV series. This story is your version of this universe and that's what I always wanted. So your ending is what I want.

  26. OldDarth15.12.10

    BTW does this preclude anymore Carina?

  27. Actually, Carina's going to show up again.

  28. OldDarth15.12.10

    Woohoo! Thought so but had to make sure. ;D


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